Spot was a good guard dog.

Spot was loyal and fierce.

Spot cared only for his master.


The lady sat still, patient, if a little sad, smelling of fields and barley.

Spot had never been to an open field before.

He rested one of his three giant heads on her lap and she scratched a massive floppy ear, speaking softly to him, angry, but not at him, which was a relief.

Spot hoped she would take him for a run in the fields one day!

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Lovely infographics at the NY Times showing the transits of Mercury in the past.

If you can view the transit (not visible from my area of Asia), I hope you have a good view of it.

my sister-in-law wanted to make a toy for her 2 year old nephew who likes turning on and off light switches so I helped her learn to solder and we put together this box with 5 different switches and a bunch of different LEDs mounted on it.

the switches all interact in different ways, and some of the LEDs are RGB so you can play with it for several minutes before you figure out how everything works together.

I think the kid is going to love it.

Brilliant interview with @janellecshane at IEEE Spectrum about her new book, "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You" and about how AIs are really weird and the dangers of thinking that they know more than they actually do.

@clacke @gemlog As a Malaysian Chinese who later became a Singapore citizen, 'not rocking the boat' in Singapore sounds right.

One big different between Sg and HK is the surrounding environment: Sg is a majority ethnic Chinese country surrounded by Malay / Indonesian groups, so there is a bit of 'siege mentality' here too, with an emphasis on military service and preparedness.

Besides the riots, there was also Konfrantasi to reckon with at the time.


You got me. Hopefully not a crashed booking system ("Error: NULL entry"). 🙂


@KelsonV Nice shot. But could you be referring to my other post of the Common Tit? That has a closer resemblance to the Gray Hairstreak compared to the Ciliate Blue.

In general some butterflies from different regions can closely resemble each other, due to mimicry, convergent evolution, shared history, etc.

@david Reminds me of the haze that hit Singapore earlier this year due to burning in Indonesia.

Not sure which of these links to my post about it will work, so I'm putting both below:

[ ]

[ ]

A Common Tit (Hypolycaena erylus) taken while walking along Clementi Road, Singapore, on 9 Nov 2019. Spotted this one by chance when I looked up and saw it resting quietly on this leaf.

On iNaturalist [ ].

Not the first time I've taken a shot of a Ciliate Blue (Anthene emolus), but I find this shot quite nice, with the butterfly in front of a plain background. Taken while walking along Clementi Road, Singapore, on 9 Nov 2019.

On iNaturalist [ ]

"SINGAPORE: About 1,000 people live on the streets of Singapore, according to the first study done here to measure the scale of homelessness.
The study focused on street homelessness, about which there is a lack of information, the report said. Other types of homelessness include living in temporary accommodation or moving frequently because permanent housing is not available."

"The Education Ministry (MOE) will be introducing two programmes to encourage students to look out for one another, while school staff will be trained to better meet the needs of students who have difficulties such as anxiety disorders.
[T]hree new government-funded special education schools will be set up over the next few years, to address the growing demand for places in autism-focused schools."

"I was raised by the fae," said the fair boy with slim fingers, glowing faintly.

"I was raised by wolves," grinned the freckly girl, hair a nest of snarls; claw like nails at the tips of her limbs.

"I was raised by mermaids," confessed the dusky teen with shimmering skin and webbed fingers.

"I was raised by middle-class parents... so I can drive us all to the mall if you want?"

The unlikely friends piled in for a shopping adventure.

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