For some reason, the opening guitar riff to Sabbath's 'Sweet Leaf' is stuck on my brain.

The game plan for was to get out as far ahead of the big car companies while they still could and then figure out what to do once electrification became more common.

Because once GM, Ford, Honda, et al. came around, they'd have far more resources and ability to produce electric cars than lil' ol' Tesla.

I will pronounce it like a 'J' because it is delicious just like the peanut butter.

I mean, sure, it'd be neat to have an Iic. What would I do with it?

There are plenty of old computers I could use purely as writing machines though I already have something like that - called a ''.

Current state:
Being very into the aesthetics of old technology but having no need for it whatsoever.

I appreciate other's enthusiasm for vintage computing, but…like… computers are better now…

Maybe…maybe the problem is putting all the power in one place and hoping things work out. Just sayin'.

There Are More Options, is what I'm saying here.

Much of the discussion about economic politics in this day is just rehashing bad arguments from the Gilded Age on both sides, while ignoring all the 20th Century history capitalism and communism have offered to examine.

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I know that may not seem useful to most people, but if you're interested in that tech it is obscene to have to pay for licenses that old. Very much a Mickey Mouse situation.

I feel like so much in the way of old standards and programs should just be public domain after a certain point.

I mean, that was the entire point of copyright; to protect the creator's rights in the short term and then allow those good ideas to be usable by anyone in the long term. CD came out nearly 40 years ago. That's practically a eon in modern digital technology.

companies/labels don't have to pay a license to use a Redbook Compact Disc format.

A format that and came out with in 1982 is still proprietary.

If it were literally a 'birdsite' then I'd spend more time there.

and are two of my favorite car companies, especially from the 1960s. Alfa's attempting a comeback, but Fiat has practically killed and buried Lancia over the years.

Solving the distinct lack of around here. This is a series 1 Fulvia coupé, from back when Lancia was independent of . With its wonderful 1.3 Liter V-4 engine powering the front wheels.

And I love the non-lipsyncing in that video.

I never had a . I looked into it circa '08 and thought, "this site layout is *horrible*." And immediately left.

Picard: "What kind of cake is it?"
Data: "It is a cellular peptide cake."
Worf: "wif mint frofting."

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