"Isn't my order ready? I'm only five minutes early! Ugh, would it be ready if I was five minutes ungu-*late*?"

"I think that one is mine! *Cud* I have it please??"

"I'll sit quietly and wait very patiently to be served if you seat me now... C'mon, I know there's *rumin* the dining room!"

"Exc-moo-se me, I was here first, are you ignoring me?"

"15 minutes is up! Can I have my s-*table* now?"

"I *herd* you can get me in and out in 15 minutes?"

{Maybe, if I give him the ol' *bullseye*...}

I think I found a way to adjust the eyes in a way that captures the emotional gentleness of the original...

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Hmm... looking back, I apparently didn't post that here [i.e., the intended event referenced in my previous post was not actually brought to fruition], so...

Old versions on left, new on right.

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About a week.5 ago, I showed some half-concerted efforts to remaster some old still poses for talking vids.

The following is a demonstration of why I didn't start from scratch—namely, that I had *started*, but was unsatisfied that the new aesthetic communicated the charm that the old drawings did.

Don't get me wrong: the new line art was of significantly better *quality* (aside from the diminished proportion of the legs to the rest of the figure) but failed to achieve the same personality..

Slide 2 is probably my favorite out of the three, aside from the reduced resolution/probable image compression.

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"Movie Night" featuring Lam E., Spark E., a Hereford steer, and a catsona I made for a friend.

Slide 1: No filter.

Slide 2: Lux +50

Slide 3: Lux +50, Clarendon filter on Instagram.

Slides 2 and 3 probably have more reduced resolution/quality than slide 1.

After two positive tests spaced two days apart, at last!—the third result is negative!

I posted a 15-second reel of this still image to Instagram, intending to use the "Open Chest" or "Unlock Master Sword" musical cues, but... I *was* using this as a still image, and the buildup didn't work with the result already showing, so I went with a magnificent rendition of the Legend of Zelda series' main theme. Also a filter of descending sparkles for a gloriously magical feel.

Behind the scenes of one of Spark E. and Lam E.'s video recordings for the interwebs.


I always thought my mother and I might emerge from the Pandemic with bragging rights: “We never got it.”

I was under the weather a few days ago, but I didn’t have any tests on hand at the time, but I was suuuuure it was fiiiiine.

Then my mom got a “cold,” just like me.

Then my niece tested positive.

At that point I was concerned so we called my brother, who told me where some tests were available for purchase. I went immediately, and when I got home… well, you can see.

I thought I couldn't find Camo Studio on the App Store on my second-hand Mac Mini because of restrictive profiles installed by the previous owner's corporate overlords.

Turns out, it isn't on the App Store. The iOS app is there, but the MacOS.X counterpart must be downloaded from the software developer's website.

So... a'ight. I've got it now.

Cashier: *goes home from work*

(fast forward to 8:46 PM)
Roommates: "What time is it?"

Cashier: *looks at clock* "Eight dollars and forty-six cents.... I mean: Eight forty-six. Gosh dang it, not again!"

Heh heh, I'm not the only one, right?....

1 - WIP

2 - I’m making this old vent drawing into a tiishert (misspelled on purpose to fool the botz)

1- First attempt at designing a comic font using ; first edition of Spark E. Hand (font map).

2 - Test of that first edition, revealing a need to adjust kerning.

3 - Edition 6: font map.

4 - Test of Spark E. Hand, edition 6, using the opening lyrics of “The Not-So-Boring Minuet;” minimal kerning adjustment needed.

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