Experimental Nautilus GTK4 builds are looking very promising 🤩

"Let’s all hope for a better year this 2022"

submitted by ton2_kazuki

James Webb Telescope successfully detached the rocket! Now on its way to L2 (~1 million miles away from Earth)! #JWST

This brings in a lot of nostalgic memories of fun stuff we did together on the Sugar Desktop and it's activity set! ✨ Never knew that, this redesigned Pippy logo, paved the way to strong friendship, teamwork and bonding with a very friendly community and mentors, Sugar Labs! Oh sweet! it's the constructionist learning environment!! 🍬🏫

Hey, :git: I've made my first PR today !
It was a very little bug in the UI in #vuejs on @pixelfed
Thanks again to @dansup for the support.

🔥 Feels great when it's merged. This is the start of my contributions to the open-source world, it looks promising.
A new barrier is crossed for me...

I've chosen to contribute to Pixelfed because I'm learning #Laravel and #VueJS at the moment.

See issue:github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/i
See PR: github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/p

#pixedfed #firstpr #contribution #pr #dev

0.6.0 is out with an impressive list of new features, bugfixes and other changes:

The information from the diff helped me narrow down the issue to the 5.15.4 linux kernel, which broke Intel Iris Xe Graphics


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Checking out what has changed in the last update has never been easier! Thanks ❤️

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Today, helped me save a day of debugging! I started getting broken iGPU visual artifacts on KDE, and realized that it started happening on an update. Fedora Kinoite helped me to boot back into the previous version (before the upgrade), and ✨ everything's back on track!

Like most people, I believed that the energy used by an electric circuit flowed within the conductors (or at least on their surface, due to the skin effect).

But that's a misconception, and anyone who learned Maxwell's equations in school already has the key to guess why:

I finally gave a shot at installing Fedora Kinoite and its simply amazing. :fedora:

Coming from Arch Linux (btw, I used Arch), Fedora Kinoite was a highly stable and powerful OS as a daily driver, it just feels too good to not worry about anything going wrong on your OS when you are having university classes in like 10 mins.

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Let's talk about all the things we already know about @system76
Pop!_OS new desktop environment, and why its a great thing for the #Linux desktop. Hint: we actually know quite a lot already! youtu.be/4955ucyRxeA

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