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A stunning shot of South America taken from the ISS, with the moon visible in the background 😳

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Cambalache 0.10.0 is out!

Adwaita, Handy, inline objects, special child types, and more...

For more information see:

@GTKtoolkit @gnome

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One of the best wallpapers in the modern era. Nice work @fedora! It’s nice to see 3D, transparency, and glass again.

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Our friends at @inkscape have just released the much anticipated update of their free/libre vector graphics editor. Crazy amount of new stuff and improvements all around, definitely check it out! twitter.com/inkscape/status/15

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Watch this reef squid go from transparent to opaque in an instant

This place is becoming more interesting by the moment! Any people you’d recommend to follow? That includes yourselves if you feel like it!

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Mathematics, physics, biology, alien life.

"The behavior of ball bearings as they self-assemble under an electric field. They seem alive, reaching for each other to form emergent structures." Source: bit.ly/3MJ6Zt8

an image from 2015, from the interwebs, It shows a shark trying to break the surface tension of the water, the picture looks really cool! 🔥

I like how with Buildkit enabled renders the container building progress, (even with logs!), it looks neat!

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I hope its not because my terminal is small. Its 80x33 on the screenshot, but apparently most other package managers can render progress bars easily on that size.

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While updating 's, do you get improperly rendered output on `flatpak update`, or am I possibly missing any parameter :ablobthinkingeyes:

I'm temporarily switching to due to this high severity zero-day on :

There should be an update soon, but at least the rpm for Linux isn't ready yet.

One positive aspect of today: I was contacted by my child's doctor with the #signal app.

Good to see, that someone working in such a sensitive field is not using #WhatsApp and even without myself asking for it 👏

Would be great if more people in sensitive positions take this path for more self empower use of technology and switch to encrypted #FreeSoftware solutions like #Signal or decentralised ones like #Matrix, #XMPP OMEMO, #Briar, #Wire, ...


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