Another week, another plugin manager for vim...

This one is written in and makes use of newly-added features... but is it worth the time to switch? VimPlug works just fine...

I actually tried out Packer and converted my neovim-only plugins from Plugger to Packer. It's not bad!

Until replaces the classic in most Linux distros, I want my .vimrc to work on both, so I am not going to convert everything to Lua.

And so I ended up with two competing plugin managers in my text editor 😅

@codewiz Yes! I use packer and the experience was really good for me. Since I use neovim as a ~ IDE and vim as a simple text editor, I did not want to share the configuration between both, so I kept one simple and one complex.

This is in my *.anyshrc

alias vi=vim
alias vim=neovim


@codewiz I used an out of the box configuration format so that I can get started with neovim with Lua faster!

It has most features and toolsets enabled by default, and also we can add our own custom configuration in a separate file, to make it modular.

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@codewiz Adding on to the default plugins, I have lervag/vimtex, github/copilot.vim, and hashivim/vim-terraform

@codewiz I would also consider as an interesting and useful resource for anyone new to the world of lua 😄

@srevinsaju @eriol Could you please share the output of these commands on your vim?

:hi Pmenu
:hi PmenuSel
:hi PmenuSbar
:hi PmenuThumb

I finally made my menu non-magenta, but I'm not good at matching colors...

@codewiz @eriol

Pmenu xxx ctermfg=0 ctermbg=13 guifg= guibg=

PmenuSel xxx ctermfg=242 ctermbg=0 guifg= guibg=

PmenuSbar xxx ctermbg=248 guibg=

PmenuThumb xxx ctermbg=15 guibg=

btw, that probably uses my also favorite One Dark Theme, and would probably look like this

(PS: thats github copilot with the suggestions)

@srevinsaju @eriol Nope. Your color scheme gives me that ugly magenta background.

It's color 13 in the xterm-256 palette:

@codewiz Can you show the output of
`:echo $TERM`

ctermbg should actually be a fallback to guibg

@srevinsaju Oh, you probably have termguicolors set. I had to disable it because it made the text selection light gray. How did you override it?

@codewiz right now, I have nvchad doing the theming for me, because when I tried manually theming every component myself, I started breaking a lot of UI stuff 😅

@srevinsaju @eriol And that's what's been happening to me 😞

I think I finally got it to work properly, but it wasn't easy nor fun:

@codewiz I'm happy that it's starting to work as you want. I agree it was not easy and not so fun also for me... and still I have to do more tweaking to my config!

@codewiz @srevinsaju here mine:

Pmenu xxx ctermfg=0 ctermbg=13 guifg=#B0BEC5 guibg=#1A1A1A
PmenuSel xxx ctermfg=242 ctermbg=0 guifg=#1A1A1A guibg=#FF9800
PmenuSbar xxx ctermbg=248 guibg=#1A1A1A
PmenuThumb xxx ctermbg=15 guibg=#404040

I'm using this theme:
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