Ok. I've diced to move this account to tilde.zone expect follow request from @stampirl

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Stop Bad Laws Before They Start

Right now, there’s a proposal to essentially prevent you from flashing your own firmware/software to any product with a radio in it before the European Commission. This obviously matters to Europeans, but because manufacturers often build hardware to the strictest global requirements, it may impact everyone. What counts as radio equipment? Everything from WiFi routers to wearables, #SDR dongles to shortwave #radio.


rpi with pi-hole, kiwix, calibre-server and openhab is allmost done. Only thing left is hook up domains.

Tomorrow I should have new SD card for my . Plan is to clone old with pi-hole and openhub setup on it. I will add to that Kiwix (offline wiki) and Calibre and serve it on my local network under wiki.local and books.local domains. Is there something else that will be a good use for my rpi-server?

I'm so sleep today. Vi (my cat) woke me up around 6 am - the usual food and let me out - could fall sleep so spend some time reading. To top it up I had very productive but hard working day. Now its almost 9 pm I falling a sleep over a keyboard.

I just spend half of today playing with openhab and.I must say that this tool is amazing. So many ideas for small, cool rpi and arduino projects.

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BADPOWER: a Chinese firm has demonstrated a working hack to convince the firmware in dozens of power banks to push enough power to make the connected device halt and catch fire (or, more likely, catch fire and halt)

via gizmodo, as I cannot read the Chinese blog post: gizmodo.com/new-hack-can-trick


Is there RescueTime alternative? Preferably one that works on Linux, Windows and Android?

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letsencrypt.org is one of the unsung hero's of open source. They made all this gnarly certificate stuff plain, obvious and free of worry.

okey. Bit of searching and playing around and I fixed it. This was solution:
apt reinstall python3-gi libgcc-8-dev gcc-8-base

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any Debian experts here how could help me with this error after upgrade from buster to testing:
libgirepository-1.0-1 : Breaks: python3-gi (< 3.34.0-4~) but 3.30.4-1 is to be installed

I like yerba mate, but it can't replace coffee in my life, so...

...coffee time

I just spend few hours switching from nginx to apache. I'm not good sysadmin

Weekend project with my son. It's not perfect, but it's ours.

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Choose all the ones you use:

Boosts welcome!

I just read that soup.io is closing in 10 days. Where I will get my mix of memes and titties 😭

Why setting up Emacs on Windows has to be so shitty. Whatever route I pick, it won't work perfectly 😫

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