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I really need to sit down and draw desk-o-my-dreams in

is great. It works on Android and is available via @fdroidorg, but it needs a hack to sync files on an

ESCs is an interesting piece of hardware, where excellent pieces of (SimonK, BLHeli) set conditions for hw vendors.

The good part is I've learnt a bit about the ESC and it appears I can load it with SimonK fw.

I have fried an ESC and I can't fly tomorrow )-: Only one of, what appears to be, voltage regulators released blue smoke, but the one that's left is not enough to power receiver and servos (odd).

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~1 million Creative Commons images on are dissapearing tomorrow!

If you have the resources please install the Archiveteam's Warrior program and select the 500px project!

irc is #500pieces on efnet

thank you (boosts very appreciated)

foo.encode('utf-8').replace('\xc2\xa0', '').decode('utf-8')

Oddech na 3 i 2:20 na 100 metrów. 🏊‍♂️ 💪 (-20 s!)

♻ chyzol: Do you teach English as a foreign language, have got a certificate (ESL) and experience? Can you spend two months doing it for free for ferugees at Chios, Greece? E-mail :)

Uczysz angielskiego jako języka obcego masz na to certyfikat (ESL) i doświadczenie? Możesz spędzić dwa miesiące robiąc to za darmo dla uchodźców? Napisz na! :)

@admin spmething went wrong and the image in this and later toots are empty

It's been long since stopped spreading about . Some of those, who scream today about moving out from , don't remember those days. I wonder, how many of them use ?

SCX-4500W is supported on @debian by the printer-driver-splix package.

If I am not so nervous about the future of GitHub and especially the FLOSS projects hosted there, does it mean, that I am old (and stupid)?

PosteRazor. A very cool piece of software I have been looking for.

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In Firefox's addressbar, you can limit results by typing special characters before or after your term

^ for matches in your browsing history.
* for matches in your bookmarks.
% for matches in your currently open tabs.
# for matches in page titles.
@ for matches in web addresses.