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My new reference surface. Material: granite, cost: one smile.

"You would not believe, how many bugs I can write in a minute." — M.Garret at 2019

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My workplace is currently looking for 3 developers in #Warsaw.

1 mid-level, senior #python developer hacking mostly on a django backend/rest framework API

2 #javascript + #ux developers hacking on an angular frontend

The product is a privilege access management solution built on top of #FreeBSD. You'll be exposed to BSD, networking and security on a daily basis.

Feel free to chat me up if you're interested. I can pass on a CV but I can't discuss pay as I'm not performing the recruitment.

This one is really clever. I wonder, how often does he need to deepen the mold?

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Flowchart of how to fix a git mess without deleting and cloning the entire repo:

Found via @stiefkind

Scale and rotate scanned .

pdfimages -all BIG.pdf
for f in *.jpg; do convert "./$f" -resize 1448x1024 "small$f"; done
convert small*.jpg small.pdf
pdftk small.pdf 1-endwest small-output.pdf

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