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After upgrading  ESR on my @debian stretch system I had to toggle middlemouse.contentLoadURL

There have been several attempts to regulate the . The lack of regulations have created the monopoly of Google, Facebook and a few others. The current attempt doesn't seem to be good to me. OTOH I believe the law is the only instrument to solve the problems we face today. As much as I like the concept of technically, I don't believe the technology can solve our problems.

After watching these two clips, I can see almost no reason to use dado stacked blades. (OK they might be useful to make dados in two passes instead of five.) I still need to read IEC 62841-3-1 to learn why are dado blades forbidden (?) in Europe, but I don't really think I am going to miss them.

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Just a quick note.. From next weekend on we'll officially be facebook-less, as from today both Seaside Stars albums + bonus material are available as name-your-price downloads over at 👈

Feel free to share, come follow us on & in the fediverse, and we'll keep you updated on new stuff & projects.
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It is great for cooking, should work for wood glue too. It costs quarter the price and is food safe.

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I think more people would come here if Mastodon adopted the tagline "Like Twitter, but way less cunty."

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And I've got the knife for the other one planned after improper sharpening (not me).

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