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The Chemical Brothers – Catch Me I'm Falling via KEXP

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GnuPG — "SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack":

"If you fetch a poisoned certificate from the keyserver network, you will break your GnuPG installation."

"High-risk users should stop using the keyserver network immediately."

#gnupg #gpg #keyserver #infosec #security #cybersecurity

in a garden. Not much of woodworking but it serves its purpose.

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What was a bad idea in 1993 and didn't get any better? backdoors in encryption!
We signed a public letter, joing over 100 organizations and individuals urging the German goverment to drop this idea.

I salvaged a beech (?) board from a pallette yesterday. For free, yay!

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1. Acid Rain (Poland)
2. Fille dans le Couloir (Canada)
3. Je sors acheter des cigarettes (France)
4. La chanson de l’éléphant (USA)

Not fancy at all. But übercheap and it was the only rip saw on the shelf.

A wooden jack plane. This one is not laminated and has a mouth that doesn't get wider as the sole wears out.

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