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There is no such thing as . OK, there is, but science shows it takes thousands of years and eventually the Earth balances itself via . It is foolish or misleading to claim CC to be a threat :blob_confused:

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There is no such thing as greenhouse gasses.

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The aluminum oxide that was spread by in 2017 and 2018 are now being activated as chemical weapons of mass destruction under direction from technology and .

Documents "IS" Legal How This Came to Be PART 01

Genocide Documents Murder "IS" Legal How This Came to Be PART 01

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Don't believe the WhiteCoats. Watch "Arthritis can be Reversed!" on YouTube

All day today, massive Chemtrails throughout central oregon.

#PlannedParenthood, contrary to their victimhood tweets, opted out of #TitleX funding because #abortion is more important to them than their “family planning” patients. (It's all about genocide) #abortion #CCOT #TCOT #GOP #MAGA #UniteBlue #Democrats #WalkAway

Miss Nevada State 2019 Katie Williams has been dethroned because she is a Trump supporter. The US Combat Vet & Army National Guard Member believes she was disqualified because she is a conservative who supports Trump #TCOT #GOP #MAGA #UniteBlue

Watch "Savage Nation || 08/20/2019 || Savage Nation with Michael Savage Podcast || August 20 2019" on YouTube

Been experiencing synchronicities like crazy these days. 2 or three statistically improbable events a day. Mind blowing. Best mind my thoughts in case of further manifest.

"Chief Runs-on-bull"...
One too many "vision quests" for Lizzie.

@gatewaypundit: Oh Please!............. "I Have Been Called to Act" - Shameless Liz Warren Cites Scripture - Says God Called Her to Run for President (VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit

When the New Testament says "Be ye wise as serpents...", it means this 👇


@JohnGrahamDick1: It would be very embarrassing to America if we accidentally elected for President, the murderer of JFK, then a sex crazed pedophile, then a son of murderer of JFK then a gay muslim who hated America. I am glad that never happened.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. We are dealing with . Most of them are like Obama. He was first gen testtube baby. New are GMO for special traits, if you consider sex slavery a "trait".

Warren Jeffs has got to be sweating in his cell about now.

It kind of dawned on me the whole "city X has rigid gun control but the problem still happens because people can go get a gun out of state and bring it back" is the best argument to use against banning guns all together. If you can get into the US so easily as an "undocumented immigrant" than you could just as easily leave and go get guns and bring them back.

@rick_777 try again.

Lol! They searched us.

I’m framing it and hanging it on my wall at home.

The fact that this monster is still employed in the Federal Government means one thing. This upcoming civil war is unavoidable.

The sides will not be what the social engineers think, but what the founders warned of.

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