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There is no such thing as Climate Change.

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There is no such thing as greenhouse gasses.

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The aluminum oxide that was spread by in 2017 and 2018 are now being activated as chemical weapons of mass destruction under direction from technology and .

Documents "IS" Legal How This Came to Be PART 01

Genocide Documents Murder "IS" Legal How This Came to Be PART 01

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We haven't been able to get back to the Moon since NASA became more interested in being woke.

White is not 'of color'?

says white is actually all colors combined.

Excuse me while I celebrate my own diversity fellow .

@LightRain1013: The idea of "Racism" is a tool of oppression against Whites.

Anyone who gives credence to the bullshit idea of "Racism" is simply empowering antiwhite terrorism and endangering white children.

Throw the R word in the basket!

Whoever campaigns to Trump's right on immigration will beat him easily. Don't be fooled by Trump pretending to be strong on immigration in the lead-up to the election. He's only built 1.7 miles of fence on the border. @Financialpro


A big part of 2020 and going forward for the GOP, should be saying Democrats have an #antiwhite agenda and hatred.

It makes sound political sense and is a winning issue. States like Minnesota will be flipped.

The suburban soccer mom who voted for Obama can be shown these Democrats hate her children, images of whites being bloodied for being white.

With the incompetent Mayor of London, you will never have safe streets!

Everyone knows its a hoax.

How much so?

So much that talking about it, like its real, is akin to chatting to other adults about Santa Claus. But nobody says nothing because respect for Rudolph.

Don't try to mask the term 'mot%?$%ig Jew' with something friendly like ' 'Cosmopolitan' or the sneaky ADL will get you!

@ColumbiaBugle: The ADL is an awful leftist organization and these slurs against Senator @HawleyMO are ridiculous.
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@DesgnatedSRVIVR: @RonWyden @SenateDems Why do you care about other people's children while you write ours off as the cost of doing business? You tried to keep child sex trafficking legal so it wouldn't "impact startups". We had to pass anti-slavery legislation IN SPITE OF YOU.

We knew we could count on Mossad. Who's your daddy?

Watch "Rep. Ocasio-Cortez sued by former N.Y. assemblyman" on YouTube

Trump pleads to

Israel ( Assad )
Military ( Lockheed )
to cover his back in regards to chants. Unfortunatly, those prayers often go unheard - especially right after pay day.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God.


I'm sick of Trump's words. I'm tired of this meaningless bluster. He's not going to do anything on immigration except whine about it on Twitter and pretend that his hands are tied. I'm not voting for him in 2020.

@thecjpearson: Democrats have compared attendees to last night’s Trump rally to attendees of a KKK rally.

I guess that makes 16 year old black me a member of the KKK. However, I’m not sure I meet their requirements for membership.

There is nothing racist about supporting @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸

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