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✅ Yes, you can totally start learning & experimenting with SwiftUI on iOS without running the macOS 10.15 beta.

Just fire up a playground, import PlaygroundSupport, and assign a UIHostingController as your live view 👍

It's only the new Canvas feature that only works on 10.15.

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You know what SwiftLint badly needs?

A chill pill and “Fix” buttons.

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Deichkind - Wer Sagt Denn Das? (Official Video) youtu.be/w7KA2LSvsfM << Wunderbar

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Want to see something *really cool*? 😀

Since SwiftUI views are just plain old structs, they can easily be made Codable, which means that a view hierarchy can be decoded directly from JSON! 🤯

This is backend-driven UIs in <100 lines of code. Will publish all of it very soon 🚀

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“Nintendo: Neues Zelda-Spiel, Witcher 3 für die Switch”
W3 ist für mich das beste Spiel der letzten Jahre. Hoffentlich haben sie die mehr als ärgerlichen Crashes im Endgame aus PS4 Version behoben. heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Ni

“DJI’s newest drone is a $499 tank meant to teach kids how to code”
You can now get your personal Mars Rover (and run Python code on it) 😮 theverge.com/2019/6/11/1866174

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PSA: viewWillDisappear, viewDidDisappear, viewWillAppear and viewDidAppear won't get called on a presenting view controller on iOS 13 which uses a new modal presentation that doesn't cover the whole screen. This may be the largest source of new bugs. developer.apple.com/videos/pla

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I'm going to spoil it for you because it's so damn important.
Microsoft did a scientific study - based on MS Vista code and found that the best predictor of bugs was:


More people = worse code
More departments = worse code
Higher turnover = worse code

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HAHA „Sometimes I wish I was an Octopus so I could slap eight people at once.“ -> teebeuteltier.de/kurz-gesagt-0 von @[email protected]

Hart gelacht.

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Ja klar, @[email protected] , schon ok. Wir sind ja alle zu doof, mit Glas umzugehen, weil wir nur Plastik kennen...

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Apparently, still no text along paths with Pixelmator. Hmpf.

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Essen aus Müll holen bleibt strafbar aber Müll als Essen zu verkaufen weiterhin legal.

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Diese ikonische Karikatur ist für @[email protected] eine der besten, wenn es darum geht, die bemerkenswert großzügige Menge an Platz zu illustrieren, die wir unseren Autos geben. Der (hinzugefügte) Text macht deutlich, dass viele Autofahrer sich selbst darüber noch aufregen ...

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