This #WorldIntellectualPropertyDay, you're likely to see corporate representatives comparing unauthorized sharing to stealing ships. Don't do the same:

Today we're launching our new video in support of student #UserFreedom. Watch the University of Costumed Heroes and share our message to stand up for the rights of the younger generation.

If you want to help with COVID-19, and got some spare CPU/GPU cycles, maybe install nixpkgs.foldingathome. Version for x86_64 is available at nixpkgs master.
nix-shell -p '(import (builtins.fetchTarball "") {}).foldingathome' --run FAHClient
Also there is a Nix configuration option for that, see `services.foldingAtHome`.

#nix #nixos #covid

Microsoft's support of Windows 7 is over, but its life doesn't have to end. Join me in calling on Microsoft to by signing

all tech Bros know how to do is reinvent ideas from the 70s, union bust, and lie


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