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I no longer consider Twitter to be a social network. I see it as a carefully curated feed of corporations and personalities selling things. It doesn't seem to be useful for socializing, rather, it seems outright anti-social.

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Pinned post is the gulag of .

Join you an instance that doesn't censor.

[email protected] kept sending me emails after I clicked "unsubscribe". I was about to report them to the @FTC until I logged into my account and found that I had to uncheck FORTY-SIX checkboxes to get them to STOP.

Evil evil dark pattern.

Shortly after I posted this @apple released an OS update that said it fixed the problem. It didn't.


The notch on the new @apple MBP is literally hiding menubar items 🤦‍♂️

[video in link]

A woman who believed lies enough to go murder people overseas, continues to spread lies in search of more power.

This is why you don't vote Democrat or GOP.


Where did this video come from?
Is it new or was it released near 2001?
All new footage of 2001 is suspect. If you can't find it on @internetarchive
it might as well not exist.
If this is real, consider me a no-planer.


Web cams make you look bad because manufacturers place them *on top* of the display instead of hanging them in front of it.

Exploiting this stupidity is a company selling a piece of plastic, and charging more than the camera itself:

‪Btw, JC recently released his Part 3 on the AQ series. It’s fantastic, as expected from James.‬

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3 observations from tapping lock icon in @Brave iOS:

1. Really cool, no other iOS browser does this, I think?
2. @Cloudflare’s HTTP->HTTPS “feature” is a tracker
3. The most important info (the fingerprint) is at the bottom for some reason

I think everyone should be cancelled.
Every user on Twitter banned.

.@apple got rid of Target Disk Mode.

It's no longer possible to copy a partition from another computer to a new one. If you had another OS installed there you have to redo everything from scratch.

It's OK, what do we need useful features for? We've got "memojis" now.

Now completely innocuous and commonplace messages on Facebook are enough for the company to report them to the @FBI according to @nypost:

Assuming this is true, if $BSV used PoS this would be the cost to own the chain.

Not "per hour". Permanently.


I wouldn't mind doing whatever it wanted if it didn't involve spreading nonsense about .

Those numbers from @kcimc are slightly misleading.

Facebook used about the same amount of energy as Ethereum with Proof-of-Work.

Yet — have any of you ever heard of a coordinated campaign to shut down FB for that energy usage?


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Truly worth 7 (?) years of effort.
To arrive at a worse consensus algorithm.
While perpetuating falsehoods put out by @WEF.

At least graphics cards might be slightly cheaper right? More likely they'll be repurposed to automatically generate NFTs using AI.

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The Chess board is now in a position where the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is at a disadvantage. CBDCs are a few moves away:


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