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I no longer consider Twitter to be a social network. I see it as a carefully curated feed of corporations and personalities selling things. It doesn't seem to be useful for socializing, rather, it seems outright anti-social.

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Pinned post is the gulag of .

Join you an instance that doesn't censor.

[email protected] out here granting patents for candy flipping. When do I get my patent for gin & tonic?

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They should have also written "YOU are THE PRESIDENT" at the top of that instructions card.

Adblockers can further incentivize self-hosted analytics (with a carrot instead of a stick) by not blocking them.

Surprisingly, @brave seems to already do this, as it doesn't block our same-origin @Matomo instance.

uBlock (@gorhill) does block if these are enabled:

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No excuse these days to use centralized analytics. Lots of self-hosted solutions out there.

> Italian watchdog bans use of Google Analytics (

Every conspiracy theorist and their mother warned you this would happen, and some of you still clamored for vaccine passports.

If you were one of those calling for vaccine passports, check yourself, and stay far away from public policy making.

I disagree with the left on vaccine mandates, and with the right on abortion.

Poll: surely I'm not the only one who thinks this way?

Show HN: The Bitcoin Note – Secure, Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallets in Cash Form


@Moon But then also we need new operating systems. New kernels. Something that doesn't have 10 CVEs every f*cking month.


- Chucking out DNS and X.509 and replacing with DPKI (blockchain namespaces)
- Making blockchain payments work trivially (secure, fast, scalable, private)

This would cut down on all problems related to setting up HTTPS and everything having to do with spam

Sysadmin is the primary reason the Internet is centralizing.

Things that should be simple, like running a website, or an email server, are insanely difficult.

Something I haven't seen anyone say is that yes: @xychelsea and @Snowden are traitors to their government.

But their government is a traitor to its people. So really, @xychelsea and @Snowden are the highest form of patriot.

It is the chaos and stupidity of the collective that can lead to things like Stalin and Hitler.

The public tires of itself, and in a kind of collective suicide, appoints the nastiest among them to execute itself.

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