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No country can maintain lockdowns for long without self-destructing. !

‪I think the United States really needs to get on this bandwagon if we want to get out of quarantine sooner and stop the economic bleeding.‬

“What's happening here? Does this masks thing really make sense, scientifically? Yes, it does!

Here's 34 scientific papers that all point to the same thing: masks (even home made ones) really work to dramatically reduce the spread of covid-19.


“If Covid is largely spread from droplets from coughs and sneezes. Wouldn't requiring everyone to wear simple surgical masks significantly decrease the R0?“


Also, sorry to Mastodon peeps. I realize this is mostly a twitter problem.

My sharing of tweets -> activitypub is in some ways turning out to be a form of contagion for which I apologize. I hope Twitter land settles down soon.

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‪You know what’s bad for your immune system?‬

‪Constant, chronic, high stress.‬

I hope better research, tools and medicine come out of this. I hope we escape with our rights & freedoms intact as well.

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Statements like this should give people pause.

Maybe make you consider whether or not what was usually a non-story became a story because someone suddenly decided it should be.

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I can see how @nntaleb could be right about lockdowns of some form being needed, and these experts [1] also being right that lockdowns have the potential to make things worse. I do not see this balanced nuance. I see people taking sides.


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"“If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.” - @nntaleb

This applies to everyone in crypto."


Perhaps, for every @nntaleb tweet, we should link to another infectious disease expert who thinks we're reacting destructively instead of constructively.

This one thinks we're being led to "self-destruction and collective suicide."

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