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I'm amazed at how many websites don't run HTTPS.

I think blockchains w/#DPKI, things like @ensdomains, etc. can improve this situation. We need a new low-level TLS library to integrate with it though.

Poll: If you were doomed to pick one of the two traits below for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Will @Blockstream's "L-BTC" result in confusion with @lightning?

“Picard responsibility tip: Don't leave known, wide-scale problems behind for the next generation to solve.”


It is American leadership that needs to have its bags X-rayed. Its body searched.

‪The @TSA exists on the fundamentally mistaken premise that Americans are untrustworthy and must be treated like animals.‬

‪This is wrong. It is American leadership that is undeserving of our trust.‬

"New Yorkers: today is voting day & I’m working the polls

You may not have planned on voting but today you can vote on the ref. for ranked choice voting

-Favor majority-approved candidates
-Discourage negative campaigning
-Reduce the impact of $ in politics

Polls close @ 9pm"


Poll: As it currently exists, should the @TSA be abolished?

‪America: #1 in shitty airport experiences.‬

[email protected] security took my cocoa powder & stevia, claiming the machine thought it was a bomb, molested my partner twice, & gave us a bigger hassle than any airport in America, or any of the other countries we’ve been been to.‬

‪Keeping America Safe From Chocolate!‬

Calling Tesla owners: let's discuss the source for the GPLed parts of your car

(submitted by warp)

Poll: Most corrupt city in America

"Regardless of the design-related job title that you carry, your work consists of more than breathing life into design files. @a_sandrina_p shares her experience and practical tips that have helped her to collaborate more efficiently in the past years. "


I recommend tapping "Hide link previews" in the link preview view, to prevent accidentally triggering non-reversible actions, like unsubscribing from a mailing list, or getting yourself hacked.

I think @apple made a terrible decision in enabling such a "feature" at all.

I would like certain well-known Silicon Valley companies a lot better if they trafficked in illegal narcotics. I feel like that would be a step up from what they're currently doing.

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