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Evil is perpetuating misery for profit.

CoinDesk, making a hypocrite out of me. 😫

I guess I should add an exception for sites that quote me, lol. But seriously, shame on CoinDesk as well. 😠

How difficult is it to setup your own instance?

I'll tell you: it's not.

I think I have a new policy. If your site has more than 1 tracker on it, and that tracker isn't self-hosted (e.g. ), I will not read it. I don't care what clickbait you have. I don't care if you're reporting on the end of the world. Just die.

@deejoe @okTurtles @Gargron It makes me wonder, what % of's users will eventually discover that in order to follow people they used to be following they now have to migrate their account to an entirely different server and start over?

I think I might write an article for @okTurtles comparing how different decentralized social networks handle censorship.

is pretty terrible with respect to censorship, and this is reflected in its founder @Gargron's philosophy in creating the social network itself.

Mastodon was founded with censorship in mind. Gargron has always been clear on that.

So, I said I was planning on taking a break from Mastodon, but this anti-user behavior means that @okTurtles will also be taking a break from supporting .

I learned today: if you are on you cannot see this toot, even if you follow me.

An additional safeguard is using POP instead of IMAP to remove messages from the server. You’ll lose syncing though.

Your email client might call it different things. Apple Mail calls it “remote content”. Keep that disabled always.

There’s nothing wrong with GPG/PGP.

There is no “bug”. Don’t listen to EFF. Don’t disable GPG. Disable image loading instead (and probably HTML).

This is a bug in email readers. Not GPG.

I don’t like the format of Twitter-like mediums, so I’m going to avoid Mastodon as well for a bit.

Drew DePalma – son of 9/11 victim – Asks His Congressman to Open New Investigation

“In 1916 a constitutional amendment was proposed in which any act of war had to first be put to a national vote, with all yes voters required to to join the US Army. If it'd passed we'd be living in a better world. And no one would know who John Bolton is.


VueScript2 version 2.0.2 released, thanks to people who contributed to this one!

Top 3 reasons for homeschooling according to :

91% A concern about environment of other schools

77% A desire to provide moral instruction

74% A dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools

"Students coming from a homeschool graduated from college at a higher rate than their peers¬—66.7 percent compared to 57.5 percent—and earned higher grade point averages along the way.[60]"

[Coogan, M. F. (2010). "Exploring academic outcomes of homeschooled students" Journal of College Admission, (208),18-52.]

I'm curious if anyone wants to read this study about perfectionists and intentions and post a summary TLDR:

"Implementation Intentions, Perfectionism, and Goal Progress: Perhaps the Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions"