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Evil is perpetuating misery for profit.

NIST behind bars in our lifetime.

“News organizations” who talk about “freedom of the press” while using that freedom to disinform their readers and promote wars

(There aren’t that many things that rhyme with Mastodon, and now with new @switter followers that seemed oddly appropriate 😄)


Every time I look at Twitter… I get a little more bitter…

Every time I look at Mastodon… I get a hard-on… 🎵

Johns Hopkins surgeons perform world's first male genital transplant

(submitted by chmaynard)

people: is there a cross-platform shell script utility/framework for doing things like creating users/groups?

IAmA Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic, Northern California's Largest Independent ISP

(submitted by quantisan)

Dear pornstars, sex workers, et. al.: if you want anonymously routed payments, use , not Verge.

If you want anonymous transactions, use , not Verge.

Whatever you do, avoid scammers who have no clue what they're doing like Verge!

FYI after one month there are already more than 80 instances of peerTube,
the federated alternative to YouTube

example here