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‪Signal is completely broken. Messages not being delivered. Notifications missing. Weird bugs. UI harassing users. Time to move people off of it to alternatives.‬

This is not at all surprising. It is a reflection of American politics (“the swamp”) attempting to drag as many people down into its muck as possible.


From the department of woo and for a troubled audience comes a meditation from “Pleiadian Alaje”

Why do people behave in this awful way?

Answer: it is fear. Fear and well deserved mistrust of anything their government tells them to do, no matter how reasonable.

We cannot keep jumping from crisis-to-crisis. We must solve 9/11.



Times honestly discussed 9/11: 0
Times @BarackObama honestly discussed 9/11: 0
Times @AndrewYang honestly discussed 9/11: 0
Times @TulsiGabbard honestly discussed 9/11: 0.5
Times @JoeBiden honestly discussed 9/11: 0
Times @realDonaldTrump honestly discussed 9/11: 0.5

"Professor Hulsey's WTC7 study on the 3rd skyscraper collapse in New York on 9/11 receives coverage in leading mainstream Canadian construction industry news. Hulsey's study concluded that the official investigation of the collapse was incorrect: "


‪Maybe some will avoid all of these scenarios. I’m skeptical they will be in the majority based on what I’ve read. 😕‬

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It is highly likely you will get either the , or a rushed vaccine, which may or may not work, and which may or may not injure you. The only question is when.

The good news is most of you will survive.

It's either that or this:


‪Oh, right, and they are on twitter, you can follow them here: @CFR_org ‬

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Americans owe these people zero allegiance. They didn't vote for them. They didn't ask for them. They share zero responsibility for their actions. They pay the price when the parasite makes a mistake, while the parasite continues to get rewarded.

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It's a super convenient setup. Manipulate American policy and then sit back and watch as others get the blame for it.

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How do I know they're parasites? Simple:

1. They're unelected yet they seem to have control over US policy.
2. Their members collectively participate in 9/11 denial and obstruction of justice.

These parasites want power without responsibility.

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The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a parasitic non-governmental organization that rules over the United States:

No law was passed to create it. You won't find it in the Constitution. And yet these unelected parasites rule over you.

‪America must deliver if for no other reason than to prove to itself and to its citizens that justice exists in this country.‬

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