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Watching this is painful.

What are the American people paying you for?

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I haven't evaluated it for truthfulness, but given Millie Weaver was arrested [1] you might want to make a backup of this:


Infowars reporter Millie Weaver ‘arrested’ mid-premiere of her whistleblowing investigation into ‘shadow government’

Investigative reporter Millie Weaver and her husband have reportedly been arrested at the same time her documentary on the US “shadow government” was being screened on YouTube, sending Conservative Twitter into theory overdrive. Read Full Art...

There are so many games you can play in life. So many of them are stupid.

Tell me I’m a horrible person for eating plants and I’ll agree with you.

Tell me you’re virtuous for eating meat and I’ll laugh at you.

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You aren’t a true carnivore if you aren’t eating humans. Pussy.

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When you have a smaller following it is far easier to speak your mind. You will offend fewer people.

Those who think eating bats is “wack” while eating chickens are fucking idiots.

I don’t need bipolar followers RTing me, then arguing with me and blocking me when I respond.

If you’re such a person, get lost!

Seriously considering putting up a “1 + 1 = 2” sign in front of my place.

People who are anti-mask “because tyranny” are oblivious to the fact that masks saved their asses from tyranny.

That’s not to say Apple is dead. Far from it. They are still doing some good things. The switch away from Intel to ARM for the MBPs is a good move. The increased focus on security is good, though execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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Innovation gone. Mistakes being made almost daily. Developers angry. Hardware uninspired.

Add a fourth camera to the iPhone, that’ll fix it. 🤣


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Apple is in a really bad spot.

No longer cool. No one to rebel against. Without a visionary leader. A future that looks a lot like decay. Getting owned by a video game company.

*”PWA app“ of course the same gaff as an “ATM machine” 😆

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Mastodon works surprisingly well as a PWA app on iOS.

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