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[email protected] does internal dialog better than any author I know. He is one of the greatest science fiction authors of all time, and one of the greatest authors of our time.‬

[email protected] cannot ban Iran 🇮🇷 from the “open source world”.

At the same time they are stupid to try. @Microsoft just publicly embarrassing itself and its employees.

GitHub banned all Iranian users. Our accounts are restricted. Please support us

(submitted by erfaniaa)

‪To allay the (legitimate) environmental concerns that some have expressed about , Bitcoin supporters should also make efforts to be clean energy supporters.‬

“Announcing lndmon, a drop-in monitoring solution for your lnd node! ⚡️🔎📊

lndmon is a project by @vallywal that combines Prometheus+Grafana+docker-compose to give node operators one command they can execute to export+visualize metrics from their lnd node”


"Finally got my paper published. Thanks to @ChristopherA, @heathervescent, @darrello, @taoeffect, @mike_brown_yyc, @MBGmic. Special thanks to @Appelcline for editing! Better late than never. "


And worse still, they blame for making its energy consumption transparent and trivial to measure.

These folks have taken away exactly the wrong message, and in doing so have given me a headache. But don’t worry, I’ll recover.

People have been hit over the head with the idea that “we have an energy crisis” to the point that they don’t even understand what that means.

Some of them have even walked away with the conclusion it means “using energy is bad”.

‪I don’t hold it against the current financial system that it uses more energy than , because that would be a silly reason to dislike it. There are far better (sensible) reasons to dislike it.‬

‪It’s definitely not about “the environment”. If they cared about that they’d go or do any number of other things.‬

The people who champion PoS seem smart enough to know that in terms of security and decentralization, it is inferior to PoW.

My guess is that it's pretty obvious why they're in favor it: they own a lot of stake and want to have more control over the blockchain.

‪Why is it that instead of making better PoW algorithms, some prominent researchers are focusing on PoS, a fundamentally inferior consensus algorithm (in terms of economics and security)?‬

‪Props to the community for bucking this trend and exploring better PoW algorithms.‬

I really do think it's better for kids to learn how to administer a server than how to drive a car. Maybe if they know how to administer a server they'll have some hope of controlling the car.

"Announcing , a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for the @torproject 💚 👈🔗

Please spread the word and donate! Funds go directly into Tor Project wallet. On-chain or via the ⚡️"


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