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Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine

(submitted by dredmorbius)

“David Icke and The Reptilians” is a:

[ ] Upcoming sitcom
[ ] David vs Goliath parable
[ ] Grunge Metal Band
[ ] Children's book


The @EFF hides [1] the fact that @google donates to them [2]. This is why EFF passively watches while Google takes a dump all over your "digital privacy, free speech, and innovation."


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An educated citizenry is a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY because sometimes the Truth doesn't align with Our Interests™!

For this reason we must continue to propagandize the citizenry who are FOOLS ANYWAY and deserve what they get!

‪The more you irradiate your nads with your cellphone the more likely your children will have superpowers.‬

"You may ask yourself why, why are we doing this?"

"Because Fuck You. That's why." — @apple CEO @tim_cook

‪Remember when the Bush administration killed a few thousand Americans?‬

‪And then said we needed to invade Iraq? And then said if you disagreed *you* were with the terrorists?‬

‪And then how they promoted all those corrupt officials?‬

‪Good times. 😄‬

@taoeffect @arteteco Here's a German documentary on Wikipedia from 2015. The title translates into "The Dark Side of Wikipedia"
This led to a sequel and now an ongoing series of videos, uncovering a whole network of high-profile editors using Wiki to push political propaganda and smear activists, journalists and politicians, especially in regard to Middle Eastern politics. Pretty radical stuff there

"Any resistance to what is increases the ego's power to separate you from your sense of wholeness." - C. Ridley

@arteteco Another way of phrasing that is Wikipedia is helping to cover up mass murder and protecting those who did it. Good job! 👍

In reference to Twitter:

"It's wild to think about how many bot wars and psyops are happening at the same time on this platform."


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