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‪It is easy to accept truth when it’s delivered with a British accent.‬

‪A lot harder for some when it comes from a raving Texan.‬

‪The only way to make Alex Jones go away is for MSM to stop being full of crap. Or, to create another amendment nullifying the first, but even that might not get rid of what he represents.

Lol that's some fast fingers you got there @TeamYouTube! TBH, I feel sorry for you. Thankfully the Internet doesn't care about your criminality. h/t @bitchute, keep doing the great work you do! Skip to 9 minutes in: (@brave browser works well)

offers $100k for arrest of person who sent him child porn: (the AJ story gets crazier and crazier)

‪*conservative liberal libertarian h/t @csuwildcat ‬

‪Similarly, “conservative” now means “hipster” according to @PrisonPlanet.‬

‪As of today, I declare myself a liberal conservative.‬

One of the stupid games that some “adults” play, is spending lots of $ and time and energy convincing people that “liberal” means “idiot”. I’m afraid that a lot of grown Americans have fallen for this.

‪The only thing that’s changed is I’ve become more aware of the stupid games adults play.‬

‪Good ideas remain good ideas. Ideals remain ideals. Virtue remains virtue. The number of frauds has no impact on that except to reduce our collective chances of achieving worthwhile goals.‬

‪As I’ve grown older I cannot think of any way I’ve become less liberal.‬

‪Good ideas do not go out of fashion:‬

‪- Ending the drug war‬
‪- Legalizing and regulating sex work‬
‪- Defending Roe v. Wade‬
‪- Defending freedom of speech‬
‪- Defending education‬
‪- Universal healthcare‬

“All I said was that I’m opting out and they scanned my passport like normal. Took the exact same amount of time as those using it.”


@twitter I don't know what this is supposed to be, some sort of attempt at transparency? This isn't transparency, this is the digital equivalent of the "unclog my nose at you" Monty Python skit.

Nothing says "We love our users" like pages of this. Nice going @twitter. 👍

"This is the actual voice of Vegeta. @Pixelmatic is doing some work with @BrianDrummondVO, the voice actor behind Vegeta, and we asked him to do this as a fun favor for . 😊"


‪If we’re going to ban guns we should also seriously consider banning penises as well since some idiots use them to rape people.‬

A bunch of the links are either wrong or are down. But they're still on and elsewhere.

Seems important America gets to the bottom of this one, if it wants to pass laws based on this incident, doesn't it?

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