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‪Whatever you do, don’t treat Trump like a human. We prefer to think of him as a monster Nazi.‬

‪If you turn him into a human we’ll be forced to think about how we behaved toward him and his supporters. We’ll feel like crap.‬

‪Please keep him non-human.‬

‪The happiest countries are not playing world police. They are taking care of their people.‬

On a superficial level, America has tried different hair styles on white men. We've tried different skin colors on men (white, black, and orange). Maybe it's high time to try something new with a different sex at the helm?

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enthusiasts forget how excited they were for Obama, and how mediocre his presidency actually was.‬

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‪I’ll begrudgingly vote for in the election if he’s nominated. Happily for in the primaries.‬

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He is perfectly willing to put all of the blame on "billionaires". That is insulting to "working Americans", as if they are incapable of sharing responsibility for the state of the country. If you're going to blame people, blame everyone.

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The thing I dislike most about : zero humility.

There is no acknowledgement that anyone who supported Trump did so for legitimate reasons.

There's an "Americans are under fire" vibe from him, as if we are blameless. Not an "Americans dun f*'d up" vibe.

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I don’t think Americans are even aware of how lucky they are to have the option of voting for .

Could’ve been all bad/mediocre candidates. Think any sane person wants to be POTUS? while you have a chance. Surprise her.

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‪This is why statists and anarchists don’t like each other. They’re busy competing.‬

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‪Every anarchist I’ve seen attempts to recreate a state of their own.‬

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‪While I respect a lot of what “anarchists” like have to say, I do not take them completely seriously.‬

‪James Corbett lives and benefits off of one of the most effective states in the world: Japan.‬

, just wiping the floor with everyone.

Serious systemic problems require a serious candidate to solve them. bows down to a corrupt establishment, as he did in 2016. fights.

“All I was, was an assassin. That’s it. I was just a fucking murderer for the state.” —Brandon Bryant, former US drone sensor operator


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