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I no longer consider Twitter to be a social network. I see it as a carefully curated feed of corporations and personalities selling things. It doesn't seem to be useful for socializing, rather, it seems outright anti-social.

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Join you an instance that doesn't censor.

When people outright lie about Stallman, that moves me closer into the "support Stallman" category. Kudos to the @FSF for not bowing down to the dishonest mob.


"Personal style" which includes defending Epstein contributions because of his perspective on consent

doesn't have an auditing problem. It audits itself. Decentralized auditing. Public. Accountable.

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Another great account gone.

Join us on . The real decentralized Twitter. That’s where all the fun is.

Leave Twitter for phonies and brands.

@critical nope, they're baked in as system apps. i guess you could try via root, but knowing what a bitch samsung phones are to root and how it leaves you vulnerable, it's best to just ditch samsung entirely

I don't think there's a single person alive who is anti-vaccines-that-work. All the concerns I've seen have been periphery, policy and safety related. So people who name call others "anti-vaxxers" are IMHO, being disingenuous.

“Grandma, I don’t really love you, I’m just here for the points.”

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China is the greatest of all nations, and its people are the superior race.

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"With sheepish submissiveness we watched it unfold, as if from a box at the theatre." German lawyer worried at what he saw in 1933, but helpless to stop it since, as he put it, the Germans “collectively and limply collapsed, yielded and capitulated.”

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The *real* reason the U.S. is going after LBRY is because an actually working decentralized video platform to rival YouTube is too much of a threat to their control of populations.

Unfortunate for them, LBRY is a decentralized protocol, and it is, perhaps, too late.


‪If you’re a parent you might be thinking, “I don’t want my little baby exposed to this.”‬

‪Here’s the thing: other countries give their kids early military training. And you don’t want your little baby fooled into murdering innocent people.‬

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