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I no longer consider Twitter to be a social network. I see it as a carefully curated feed of corporations and personalities selling things. It doesn't seem to be useful for socializing, rather, it seems outright anti-social.

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Pinned post is the gulag of .

Join you an instance that doesn't censor.

There should exist an audiobook store that lets you buy an audiobook using directly from the author.

Here is a review of a book he published the same year he was allegedly working on . I concur, most of Craig's writings feel borderline incoherent to me, unlike the Bitcoin whitepaper.

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Craig Wright wonders what "decentralization" means, cheers the idea of governments outlawing non-KYC'd wallets, thinks nobody uses , says $BSV is "more efficient" than VISA (lol), etc.

Whoever wrote the paper, it wasn't him. h/t @ValuetainmentTV

To work for @twitter or MSM, you’ve gotta be down with constant, unapologetic deception.

Another data point to make the World Economic Forum look like pandering propaganda pushers: Bitcoin mining/network electricity usage.

WEF Claim: By 2020 Bitcoin will consume more power than the entire world (claimed in Dec 2017).

Fact: Bitcoin uses only ~0.5% of the global electricity consumption. Ranking as if it's a country, it's 39th (data as of Aug-2021).

Meanwhile Reuters just agreed to a partnership with WEF to become a distributor of their approved news.


Would be cool if supported lists for people you don't follow.

Battery-powered earphones are guaranteed to have to be thrown out once their battery can no longer hold a charge. These wired headphones were easy to use, hard to lose, more secure, and had a much longer lifespan.

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There was nothing wrong with these earphones. I still use them with adapters I have to keep track of.
To plug in any USB mouse I now need another adapter or a new USB mouse.
@apple makes it a pain to "reduce, reuse, and recycle".

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Let's talk about how @apple is destroying the environment by constantly forcing people to throw out and re-purchase mice, headphones, adapters, power bricks, dongles, etc. for no good reason?


Everyone deserves access to quality water. Thanks for the leading the charge, @officialjaden, and for sharing your passion for the environment with us today at Apple Park. Your enthusiasm is contagious! 🌎

@arh putting your publicly funded work behind a paywall and not even getting paid for it is a special kind of stupid

Decentralized exchange of digital assets is still an unsolved problem.

When your country's president has sufficient "fuck you" money that he shitposts news of the old guard disapproving of his newfound sovereignty.

Literally this tweet is going to be in history books. #TrustThePlan

Visiting Florida was a nice break from California. Upon returning it feels like I’ve re-entered a mental asylum.

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