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"From trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to sunglasses in one year.

1 pair of sunglasses = area of 24 football fields worth of ocean cleaned. To help us clean the ocean, get yours here: "


In the West, the cloth mask 😷 is either an affront to someone’s masculinity, or a convenient excuse to loot, or a grand statement about how great of a person you are. Whatever the case may be, it’s intense and novel and meaningful.

In the East it’s just a mask.

One thing I will not miss about gas-powered cars is the stench of exhaust.

Some are used to noxious fumes and have simply forgotten how great fresh air is.

Hey @RIAA here are a few more copies of youtube-dl to send your lawyers after.

We’ll keep you posted on any new ones we find! 😂


Or view the source and track development at

Twitter DnR politics has reached the point where neither side can recognize satire/humor and defaults to outrage-reflex.

> "Advice." "Recommendations". (not rules) Thank you for highlighting how the rest of the world should do it using the example of Sweden.


Not everything this woman says is true, so keep a skeptical ear out for her too. For example, she appears to have misrepresented what @Billgates said.

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"Adults now are not rebelling against things that are wrong."

Indeed. All they can do is screech "Trump" and think that is rebellion, while acting like Nazis themselves.

‪For some might be bad, but for others the lockdowns may have been worse. Now on the street and broke they are more susceptible to its effects, as well as a host of other problems.‬

‪By trying to address the problem through “overreaction” they made it predictably worse.‬

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Given the pro-lockdowners deprived a whole bunch of people of their livelihoods and for some, their housing, they have a perverse incentive to make sound as bad as possible and use it as a scapegoat for their forceful policies.

"An example, two macOS firewalls: LuLu and Little Snitch

Despite best efforts (e.g. disabling default rules, creating explicit rules to block, enabling 'deny mode'), Apple's App Store appears to be exempt ...the firewalls never even see its traffic, and thus cannot block!? 😭"


Supposing furthermore, they were a magical genius policy expert who could predict the future of everything.

How can you know they aren't a self-serving evil genius scientist who picked a policy great for them, and bad for everyone else? Those exist.

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Supposing you know the precise IFR for , a number that changes from country-to-country for some unclear reason.

What now? A scientist runs experiments. They test hypotheses. Most of them aren't magical genius policy experts who can predict the future of everything.

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Only someone who doesn’t know any better themselves, and thus is forced to trust a random group of people on blind faith, “listens to scientists”.

Do you know how many frauds there are in science?

*Which* scientists will you listen to?

By making something out to be worse than it is, you are free to justify any evil on your part.

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