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Greg Slepak 🐢 @taoeffect

There’s nothing wrong with GPG/PGP.

There is no “bug”. Don’t listen to EFF. Don’t disable GPG. Disable image loading instead (and probably HTML).

This is a bug in email readers. Not GPG.

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Your email client might call it different things. Apple Mail calls it “remote content”. Keep that disabled always.

An additional safeguard is using POP instead of IMAP to remove messages from the server. You’ll lose syncing though.

@taoeffect I nearly had a heart attack this morning when I saw the headlines.

I'ts emberrasing to see how this vulnerabilty is communicated...


@erictapen Ich hab irgendwie Lust, zu registrierern. Zum Bespielen geht gerade zeitlich nicht so gut. :)