How does anyone take seriously? I honestly don't understand. It has no usability.

@taoeffect Usability can be very subjective. I honestly don't find most Linux distributions, Windows, Mac or whatnot very usable. But that's highly subjective. Use what feels right to you, it's a tool, no more no less.

@raichoo OK, but I can also make an objective measurement: "Usability: the percentage of a population that is able to effectively use the software". So if that percentage is extremely small, as in the case of , it's considered unusable.


@wictory @raichoo Yes, pick any reasonably sized population with random sampling and probably >99% won't be able to install and use .

@taoeffect @raichoo that just because no one is pumping in billions and billions or $ and € into user support for openbsd. however, if my grandma would ask me to fix her computer I would put openbsd 6.4 it with gnome and firefox or chromium, because then I wouldn't have to do any maintenance on before the browser stops working because it is outdated.

but I think I'm wasting my time here.

@wictory @raichoo That's nonsense you're free to keep telling to yourself. Making usable software does not require "billions and billions", just like making a secure operating system does not require "billions and billions". has managed to make a very secure OS (comparatively speaking), not on "billions and billions", but simply out of shear force of will and desire to do so.

@taoeffect @raichoo in general making software does not require billions and billions of moneys but that is what is put into customer support of software, secure or not.
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