"Firefox intends to turn "trusted" lookup on BY DEFAULT for everyone, giving Cloudflare a copy of the world's browsing traffic. They promise to safeguard this data. But what if the US DoJ or NSA shows up & asks for a copy & promises the "terrorist support" issue gets settled? 4/5"


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"Resisting government demands for data is hard at the best of times. It is INCREDIBLY hard if a company is already in hot water with that government. So before clicking 'OK, Got it!' when your browser asks you to hand over its DNS to @cloudflare! 5/5 "


@taoeffect it's not like right now DNS is supersecure, I'm pretty sure the NSA can just snoop in as they wish

@taoeffect (of course, it's multiple companies and countries instead of a single company in one, but they already have agreements for that if I recall correctly)

@waterbear You can try tweet @mozsec on twitter, tweeting at their executives, engineers, etc

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