I could be mistaken, but it seems like there are two main ways forward *if* we want to keep the USA.

A. Allow virus to kill whoever it kills, remove mask mandates.

B. Lock down all hot spots & surrounding areas, get Rt well below 1, remove mask mandates & *offer* vaccines.

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Since whoever voted C didn't comment (why bother voting, lol), I'll add my own "C", which is maintain the current in-between status quo, and see what happens.

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Also want to be clear (this is America after all) that when I say "remove mask mandates", it means "allow whoever wants to wear masks to wear them", so that we can see less of this in our timelines and reality:


Somebody has to wake up to that voice every day of his miserable life...

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@taoeffect many businesses are enforcing their own mask requirements so if A means forcing them to abolish those requirements then I'd rather go with B or your proposed C.

Honestly I don't think there's really any way to appease people who don't believe the virus is even real so letting businesses require masks on their own at least is helpful

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