It is highly likely you will get either the , or a rushed vaccine, which may or may not work, and which may or may not injure you. The only question is when.

The good news is most of you will survive.

It's either that or this:


‪Why does America make children pledge “and liberty and justice for all” if it cannot deliver?‬

‪Get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance then!‬


You wouldn't know this following some of the twitter accounts out there.

‪OTOH there have been upsides:‬

‪- Mother Nature breathing a sigh of relief‬
‪- Higher quality memes‬

I see nothing helpful about this link.

It gives people the impression that the only way to deal with is vaccines or Chloroquine (see 2003 Dead Zone episode) or Remdesivir.

I guess we're all just dead without these drug companies and their [expletive]. 🙄


Seriously. At least pay us for this b.s.

(Sidenote: I did receive my $1200 check signed by @realDonaldTrump, thank you!)

“ The status quo is not destiny. It's an obstacle to bettering the human condition. Economic insecurity helps create a population too afraid and too disempowered to imagine how much better things could be and what actions we could take to construct a better future.

UBI is the key.”


And I have been feeling excessively tired, possible occasional shortness of breath, plus a persistent headache, for several days now.


Can’t RT a recent interesting post @Free_Ross wrote because of this policy, but it doesn’t prevent me from indirectly sending people to it. 😁

Anyone know why the @FBI doesn't want collaboration on research? Why is there any discussion about "theft"?

I guess this is just a $ game to some people.

"Birds destroying 5G tower ... this is crazy the birds more woke then 90% of the population 💯 "


I dunno, maybe I shouldn't visit it. Might contain thought-crime, what do you think? h/t @_azeye

Sweden vs United States, according to @OurWorldInData.

Log chart: deaths/million.
Bar graph: total deaths & daily deaths

I admire @elonmusk if anything for his willingness to subject himself to thousands of sock puppets yelling at him.

“Polk Award winner” Josh Marshall tweets this as if it’s a surprise, shortly after calling @elonmusk “stupid”.


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