At-home testing with no centralized reporting is a completely voluntary and privacy-friendly approach that I have no problem with.



The sign continues to scream at me.

It’s like, slow down, now you’ve gone too far. Maybe we should have a debate about this?

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‪My favorite one is “Love is love.” Hard hitting facts. From the things-you-get-to-put-up-with-in-California dept.‬

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“In this house we believe:

[Series of obvious statements.]”

Elon has elevated the conversation on Twitter around and in doing so has exposed great ignorance, while also showing how to think from first principles, instead of blindly trusting the news.


"Unburden the police" sounds way better and makes more sense to me. A slogan that is at least reflective of reality. 👍


Unburden the police

Anyone understand why Twitter is acting as arbiter of truth here? Are they planning to assign an intern to each country?

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Twitter mods tagging anything and everything. Do they not understand how corrupt this looks?

Interesting Twitter bug: hiding tweets, claiming they contain muted words when they don't:

"From trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to sunglasses in one year.

1 pair of sunglasses = area of 24 football fields worth of ocean cleaned. To help us clean the ocean, get yours here: "


In the West, the cloth mask 😷 is either an affront to someone’s masculinity, or a convenient excuse to loot, or a grand statement about how great of a person you are. Whatever the case may be, it’s intense and novel and meaningful.

In the East it’s just a mask.

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