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In this article @nntaleb demonstrates a lack of understanding of herd immunity.

He also claims "many young people have severe cases of the disease", and provides no data to back that claim up except a single anecdote consisting of a single person.


So according to the Medium post from @tomaspueyo that was cited by several hundred academics in a letter to the UK [1], Japan should now be having a complete meltdown...?

And yet according to @OurWorldInData, they're doing peachy?

Instead of anecdotes from randos on twitter, high quality data on how this virus affects young adults in the US is needed. You can't apply China data to the US and expect same results. Context matters. I haven't seen such data. If anyone has it, please share! @COVID19Tracking

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Question: don't you want your healthy 20-somethings to catch this virus and become immune to it so that we get ?

How does telling the uninfected 20-somethings to kill their immune system by sitting at home help?

Just updated my blog post on Apple killing Offline Web Apps with questions after they silently updated their blog post (thanks for the heads up @xerz).

I’m now confused and wondering if they thought this out at all.

I’ve also added a link to @soapdog’s blog post on the same subject.

States are going to react differently to this. You can't know what works and what doesn't without these types of charts.

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The countries that respond to with the most precision and nuance will come out of this with the least amount of harm.

Poll: should I call out ~every stupid related thing I see?

‪Used to be drugs were the way to rebel. Now it’s getting fresh air and exercise.‬

‪Have you gone outside today? If not, I recommend it.‬

If @elonmusk, with his wife, 5 kids, 5+ companies, and 32M followers can answer questions, so can you.

And if you can't, please consider maybe shutting the f* up.


"10.15.4 out w/ many fixes 🍎🩹

"app [can] use arbitrary entitlements"
"app [can] access a user's call history"
"app [can] bypass code signing enforcement"
"app [can] exec arbitrary code w/ kernel privs"
"remote attacker [can] cause arbitrary JS exec" 😱"


‪And just because someone answers questions, doesn’t mean they aren’t full of it too. But it’s like a prerequisite to being taken seriously, IMHO.‬

‪There’s a reason Alan Turing made his test all about answering questions.‬

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‪These people are either compromised, or are robots. The people who retweet them are foolish in the best of times, and irresponsible in the worst.‬

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