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Congratulations to Martin! He's been working on @CirclesUBI for quite some time, it's super awesome seeing his work come to fruition! 😄


#twitter has been broken (in #uk at least) for at least one hour now. So twitter broke down again, it's like read-only site now... with failwhales here and there too. I like it. STAY THAT WAY :-D

Twitter appears to have deleted several of my tweets (this thread had at least 4 tweets, and another thread is also missing tweets):

I can't post new tweets.

Notifications totally broken too.

Not sure what's going on. Broken/compromised website or my account is being messed with?

.@jack just wanted to know what you had for breakfast.

Now he has to moderate the president and people expect his startup to prevent nuclear winter.

He just wanted to know what you had for breakfast. 😥

Seems like both factors are at play to me. Some movie theaters are still closed. The effects of the lockdowns continue to reverberate, but maybe they were inevitable.


Kudos to @apple for attempting to improve the privacy of personal assistants, but it's still not quite "Private". If the sends your voice to their servers for analysis, it can still be traced back to you with some effort.

How many young girls would @JoeBiden need to inappropriately touch or sniff for you to not vote for him?

"The worst thing is by opting out, you leave those people to enact policy that will affect you later :("


Maybe they should doggedly pursue this anyway? It might lead to all sorts of comedy in Congress:

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Not even China could ban encryption.

So unless their goal is to turn the west into a giant North Korea, this seems futile and counterproductive (like too many government efforts).

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How about instead of trying to ban encryption the government prosecute 9/11 and stop using Americans as sacrifices in its international “games”.

A government has little to fear from its people if they have reason to trust it.


Sounds like a human rights violation.


Australia will force citizens to inject a Chinese-made vaccine. “No jab, no pay” he says. No travel. No going to restaurants. Of course Trudeau will do the same.

Not yet at risk of dementia, against the war on drugs, wants to convert the US into a “Switzerland” (I hear it’s nice there), and not a hate-vote.

Easy choice.

In Buddhism this is called discernment or "right view". How can you tell what is "right" in the first place if your mind is clouded?

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Now more than ever, whether you love the President or hate him (or her, or it), it is on *you* to learn to evaluate statements on their merits.

If Kamala says something right, it’s right. If Trump says something right, it’s also right. If Satan says something right, it’s right.

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