Moved to Migadu, quickly evaluated it as a good email provider, paid the $9 only to realize shortly thereafter Evolution is unable to do ManageSieve (email filtering rules management protocol), with the feature requests going since the very 2002. Of course I am free to use an external program to manage those, but that still came as a bummer.

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@tdemin Not having those problems since 2009 with Postfix+Dovecot+Roundcube on my own server.

@Revertron not having random spam flagging because yes problems since today.

@Revertron tell everyone using their IQ number. As soon as you're done, I'm moving back to my self-managed solution again. Otherwise, they have problems with email classification, namely flagging obviously private 1-1 emails as mailing list messages.

None of the 1st world servers else has this problem, but sadly the people on still need to be reachable from [email protected] somehow.

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