@rin that level of machine translation, it scares me

@fribbledom working as an admin doesn't mean you're smashing keys on your keyboard for 8 hours straight.

It's drinking coffee, sleeping on the desk, replying to emails, and a dozen of other things. Then, for just a couple minutes each day, you actually solve someone's problems.

@rin > something that looks like genshin

@verita84 any kind of I/O utilizes your CPU, and Steam unpacks stuff to your disk in parallel with downloading games, sooooo

@wolf480pl copypasting chatlogs huh? Telegram Desktop already does something like that: you select the messages, click Copy, it automatically copies full timestamps along the message text/sender name.

@meetdheeraj knowing that web dev is popular — definitely not super low 🙃

@michcio @wolf480pl @nihl I just wanted to add that most electron apps on nixpkgs are packaged by patchelf-ing the official binaries lol

@nihl @wolf480pl it never conflicted with other package managers in the first place you know

@nihl @wolf480pl two machines is already enough to see the profits. Besides, you don’t have to go the full-on NixOS route to try out the way Nix manages packages, you can install Nix + home-manager on any distro and see if it works for your development routine (it comprehends my Fedora installations a lot in practice).

@NaiJi @captain_arepa tell him to squash his stuff into a single commit and then force push (and pray nobody pulled the changes).

@11112011 it's contract-based and was never supposed to get you tons of money to begin with. Apple Music used to get Rammstein exclusively for a reason.

@11112011 I missed the part where people are supposed to care

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