@melmc Remember when they said Pfizer had 95% effectiveness?

@verretor @melmc @slap

Man, the vaxxed are gonna get really pissed this holds up.

Especially if that one scientist is correct and you *HAVE* to get repeated boosters because the original shot destroyed your immune system. And what if the sterilization rumors are true?

Can you imagine 160 million Americans forming a lynch mob?

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@tempestt0st @melmc @slap I was also thinking that earlier today. Most of my friends are vaccinated and they all say they did it to get their freedoms back. They don't say it was to fight the virus.

They'll be pissed when they realize they were lied to. Like REALLY pissed.

@verretor @melmc @tempestt0st @slap easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.

@verretor @melmc @tempestt0st @slap

It won’t be easy. And that is why we see the authorities acting they way they are. I think it stared to cover their involvement in gain of function they deemed to be worth the risk and didn’t know the damage so they went full authoritarian to prevent the worst case because otherwise they would have be executed. Now they have to keep it going because the mob anger just grows.

@verretor @melmc @tempestt0st @slap

People will certainly be pissed, but the government has already primed people to assume that it's the vaccine hesitant who are to blame for the continued spread of COVID.

If there are any lynch mobs, it will be against the vaccine hesitant, but not the government officials who are actually taking away our freedoms.

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