Блич закончился, конечно, так себе, но какие срачи были, эх!..

It's now possible to set a #Mastodon post's language with a drop-down: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p No more mis-identified languages in posts!

(I assume this will be part of the 3.5.3 release.)

> When you provide incorrect authentication credentials on the lock or login screens, the whole UI now shakes a bit


И сразу же вопрос, а как это выключить… :blobcatderpy:

Hm, are there roleplay fedi servers that, well, RP being whatever characters in whatever place doing whatever things? Like first settlers on Mars, RPG world inhabitants, etc. Want to read weird things :blobcatderpy:

Maybe groups could do that too, but they don't exist. Plus, profiles wouldn't be in-character.

It today's dream I became a master of levitation and indeed flight was much more controllable and easier. Not at those levels as back in childhood, but it was very fun :crowncat:

> conversations.im seems to be down
> Last updated: May 16, 2022 6:27:08 AM



Ожидание: повременная продажа вычислительных мощностей.

Реальность: но есть нюанс.

Иногда очень хочется написать «описание» своего профиля на разных языках, но это будет занимать кучу места :blobcatderpy:

> Subscribing to specific language posts of an account when following is part of the plan as well.


Шо только не узнаешь!

So, today in a dream a house with people was literally moved (no idea how that works) because a corp bought it and wanted it further down the road… :blobcatderpy:

> The purpose of Open UI to the web platform is to allow web developers to style and extend built-in web UI controls…

> To do that, we'll need to fully specify the component parts, states, and behaviors of the built-in controls, as well as necessary accessibility requirements…


At least some people do this stuff, huh. Text color on that site is not #000, though, which is a bad sign.

Is there a (X)HTML5-only¹ GUI browser, that is not dead. No CSS, no JS, but with an ability to customize font size and maximum width would be nice.

Just wondering, since Gemini doesn't really cover some things I'd like to have.

1. Personally I only need XHTML, but I doubt there exist a browser that supports only this dialect of HTML.

Иногда воспринимаю процесс подписки на пользователей федивёрса как протягивание к ним щупальца, а при отписке, соответственно, наоборот :blobcatderpy:

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