When I came across #gemini protocol, it seemed a cool thing, but now I kinda have a mixed feeling about gemini. It's too much simple, and I can't imagine web without images and/or creatively designed CSSes.

I also agree to most of @kev's arguments in his article kevq.uk/gemini-isnt-the-soluti

I'd love to hear, what you folks think about gemini protocol, is it the future of #web or just gonna fade with time?

@bauripalash TBH, these days website design often only makes things worse. Gray on grey noodle text, parallax effects, broken scrolls, empty pages with barely any info…

Text-focused medium is information first, which is great, IMO. Where I find Gemini lacking is a very limited way to make comments possible. Text and textarea field to make real forums possible would have been great. Gemini was created for that, though.

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