Maya / Judge

When she was 5 she fell very ill, so her parents made a clone of her as the disease was considered untreatable. However, against all odds she did survive with the help of cutting edge nanotechnology. They had to hide, though, so her “little sister” was her only friend for a long time, which made them very close.

Once upon a time I was commissioning some art and we discussed the scene a bit with the artist. Then suddenly the artist disappeared from the net completely. No money was payed and no art/sketch(es) was produced. Now I do think that now, months later, I'm morally justified to commission this art to another artist. Yet it still bugs me… :blobcatgoogly:

Sin / Vanessa Llewellyn

She was born to a beastkin family in a middle of nowhere. She trained her body and mind diligently and when she was ready she left on a journey. Always eager to find new places to explore, she is strong yet kind.

There are so many interesting things to do Vanessa feels starved for time sometimes.

Rave / Brendan Raëgo

Brendan's past was relatively quite and uneventful. Until one day Vanessa quite literally crashed into his table in a small café…

Tenno Seremelꚝ, La ĉiela ombro's choices:


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