Hey, something I could use help on: It's been a few years since I got my current icon, and seeing as I cut off like half my hair it's a good time to get a new one. Would anyone be interested in receiving a short story in return for drawing an avatar?

A rough of a member of the Lutin (Goblin) cavalry from the world of Haven, riding a war strider, which is a personalized version of one of their tanks.

An LJ friend is looking for a newspaper comic "that ran in the late 80s/early 90s about a tall blonde American man married to a short Japanese woman. It had a very brushy looking ink style to it, and I remember a struggling involved the wife taking her husband to meet the family in Japan. I want to say or was called "Noodles" but I've never found anything under that name."

Might anyone here be able to help?

Think UK -Era Roller Derby with weapons and . Now imagine the ladies of Downton Abbey in suits and . What’s not to love?

Escape Pod Episode 661: “A Fine Night for and Bludgeoning”


@MurHerself @Tadmaster

Congratulations to all the Escape Artists’ for their nominations and wins!

(I’d toot at the rest of the EA crew, but you’re the only ones I know on Mastodon)


Full-on #spoiler review of the #CW’s “#DC’s #Legends of Tomorrow” S4E8 in five words: Show more

My review of every single episode of the #CW’s “#DC’s #Legends of Tomorrow” (potential spoilers): Show more

Canada's Directive on Management of IT Dec 2018 update requires open standards and open source software to be used as a first option where possible #opensource

I have just unleashed upon the universe version 2.0 of the "Arsenal" supplement for the World of Haven (tenthousandworlds.org/worlds/h).

An excerpt from this title:

…both the blade and handle will change length to make this weapon the equal of a long knife, swords of various sizes, or a 3 m (10 ft) pole arm, all the while remaining nearly weightless and perfectly balanced…

Download and enjoy for free: tenthousandworlds.org/titles/t

Happy Thanksgiving Week! To show my appreciation for all of you, please enjoy a never-before-published short story by me: "Automated Customer Service." It's over on my site, in both text and audio versions. Hope you like it!


Something I never thought I’d type:

’s gettin’ too real, ya’ll”.

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