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Ten Thousand Worlds @tenthousandworlds@mstdn.io

Version 2.0 of “Rakshasas” has been unleashed upon the universe!

An excerpt —
“…Even those depicted in the artworks of other species have all been replaced by blank spaces on canvases, gaps in bas-reliefs, and empty lines in songs. Just about everyone on Haven is certain the Rakshasas went extinct during the same magical catastrophe that gave rise to the White Waste.”

Enjoy: tenthousandworlds.org/titles/t

As with most of my work, it's available 4 free under a BY-NC-SA license.

I've been remiss in posting this month, hence today's four pieces, of which is the last. It's a for a scribe character.

A of a guitar player. OK, there's a lot more to her, like the fact that she's a budding young mage, but you probably can't tell that from looking at her with merely Human eyes.

Took time off to do a horsehead for someone. It’s not terrible.

Thandie Newton showed up to the screening of in ... well ... a certain pair of fashion bloggers said it best:

“Getting the folks at Vivienne Westwood to photograph your collection of and make you a dress out of the pictures is just about the most move of all time...”

Never knew she was a . :)

Full story & pics:

I accidentally made myself a new phone background. The flats on the piece I am working on just looked really nice.

Mexican architect Javier Senosiain specialises in sustainable "organic architecture" and it's pretty cool. #solarpunk

Potential Spoilers for “The Casebook of Esho St. Claire” by @ScottRoche@wandering.shop Show more

We played celebrity D&D. We had John Hurt (fighter), Pious Morgan (neutral evil cleric), and Oprah Windfury (sorcerer). I played D'wain "The Earth Elementalist" Johnson (goliath monk).

We fought Actual Cannibal Shia LaBouef, and I beat him because I can do jujitsu.

It ruled.

Heads up, enthusiasts: The lovely folks at Common Ground Games (boardgamesdallas.com) are celebrating their 5th on Saturday, April 28. That also happens to be International Tabletop Day (tabletopday.com). I anticipate much nerdy fun ... and perhaps a taco buffet. ;)