20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.


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#Fan #hypothesis with massive #spoilers for #DoctorWho S11E1 Show more

The memories of my departed , -of-choice, and 49 others —some represented with photos, most represented in symbols— will be honored this Day of the Dead with some choice hipster at their .

I had to set up this altar early because there's no way I'll have time to set it up closer to the actual day.

"Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden"


something something All Hail The New Queen

Girls pulls a 1500 year old sword from a lake:

All hail Saga, the once and future Queen! Also, I love that Arthur has been recast as a female.

Quake in horror and ye puny mortals; It has been prophesied: The sublime known only as the will arise from the dead to penetrate our collective aural cavities and melt our fragile human psyches.


Potential Spoilers for #Netflix’s “Iron Fist” Season 2 Show more

Digital Restrictions Management (#DRM) is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its range of uses.

Today is international #DayAgainstDRM: defectivebydesign.org/dayagain

Use the day and read on to inform yourself & others about DRM!

Guess what just materialized in my replicator? The for Uncanny Issue 24, AKA “ People Destroy Science Fiction”. They were being all 21st century ironic and stuff with the title —it was a whole big thing once.

I now have my train commute reading material for September all sorted out.


An eastern pondhawk dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) perched on a prairie dock leaf. #dragonflies #odonata #Illinois #nature #photography #photo

An early of the character Cruel Sara McLeish, a cyborg full of audio/video gear, who prefers clothes that are practical enough for combat, posh enough to get her into a five-star restaurant, and flattering enough to draw attention away from women half her age —without resorting to high hemlines or plunging necklines.


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