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Ten Thousand Worlds @tenthousandworlds@mstdn.io

Took time off to do a horsehead for someone. It’s not terrible.

@naugeleh I’ve had good luck getting DRM-free ebooks in a variety of formats from:

1) Smashwords

2) Storybundle

3) Humble Bundle eBook Bundles

I read / listen using the “Voice Dream Reader” app (voicedream.com/reader/) because it reads / converts multiple file formats, and can also read to you, which I find myself appreciating more and more these days.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

@chrisamoody Hmm, how about ...

1) The Spanish noun for age, “Edad”, but spelled it a bit closer to how it’s often pronounced: “Edthad”.

2) The Spanish verb for age: “Envejecer”.

3) Latin for age: “Aetate”.

4) Something a bit less obvious, such as “The Time Merchant”, “The Devourer of Spring”, or “Whitherbloom”.

That’s all I’ve got. Good luck.

@ScottRoche Yeah, I’m thoroughly creeped out, so mission accomplished.

Do let us know when you unleash this unholy offspring of yours upon the universe, so I can get creeped out all over again.


Thandie Newton showed up to the screening of in ... well ... a certain pair of fashion bloggers said it best:

“Getting the folks at Vivienne Westwood to photograph your collection of and make you a dress out of the pictures is just about the most move of all time...”

Never knew she was a . :)

Full story & pics:

I accidentally made myself a new phone background. The flats on the piece I am working on just looked really nice.

@ScottRoche OK, now you’ve inspired a few thoughts. I have no idea whether any of these will work as a subtitle on a book cover, but here goes:

“A Historical Urban Fantasy”

“A Gaslight-Era Fantasy”

“Magic by Gaslight”

@ScottRoche Right up until you posed the question, yes, it did.

Now I wonder if I shouldn’t expand my horizons beyond, say, “Leprechaun in the Hood”. ;)

Perhaps this term will evolve the way “Steampunk” has in my mind: I expect some Victorian-era clockwork retro-tech, but I no longer assume it will be steam powered, nor operated by British folk.

Author Sam Chupp once said an important part of UF was the occasional uncertainty of whether the fantastical had even occurred at all.

Mexican architect Javier Senosiain specialises in sustainable "organic architecture" and it's pretty cool. #solarpunk

Potential Spoilers for “The Casebook of Esho St. Claire” by @ScottRoche@wandering.shop Show more

We played celebrity D&D. We had John Hurt (fighter), Pious Morgan (neutral evil cleric), and Oprah Windfury (sorcerer). I played D'wain "The Earth Elementalist" Johnson (goliath monk).

We fought Actual Cannibal Shia LaBouef, and I beat him because I can do jujitsu.

It ruled.