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Potential Spoilers for “The Iron Druid Chronicles: Hounded” by @kevinhearne@wordhal.la Show more


For me, Eartha Kitt is the quintessential Cat Woman.

For me, Sylvester McCoy is the quintessential Dr. Who.

For me, Tom Holland is the quintessential Spider-Man.

My pre-order of “Taste of Wrath” by @MattFnWallace arrived the other day. It’s the 7th & final(?) course in his Sin Du Jour series, the dessert to his sumptuous banquet, & I just dropped everything to devour it.

I have no idea how to describe this rowdy, genre-blending series except to use phrases like “catering is hell —literally”, “zombie clowns”, & “killer bunny”. It was horrifying & hilarious by turns; and always wonderfully, wonderfully weird.

Bravo, sir, bravo.

@angristan Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

@angristan Back when I read this instance’s description, I think you mentioned “stable”, “secure” & “high up-time”, which was all important to me. Also something about “no Nazi stuff, just be an adult”, which, as a birdsite refugee, was appealing.

Then I logged in & learned all about anime girls. ;)

I *try* not to toot in way that brings shame & infamy to this instance.

I also donate a bit every month because that’s as close as I can get to buying you an occasional beer to say “Thanks!”. :)

@Lobster_DM Why, yes, actually. Examples:

You’re the only uninjured survivors of a village raid who must rescue your stolen friends/crops/sheep.

You were sentenced to the dungeons for life, but you’ll all be pardoned if you go on a suicide mission.

Your mentors are long retired from adventuring, but have been called to fulfill an old oath of service, so they send you in their place.

... and after you (hopefully) survive that first adventure, you decide to stay together.

@ScottRoche Eleven(!) years ago I did an RPG thing that included this cheery little passage:

“…He also trained them to one day take over his magic act as Mojo and Jinx, promising to teach them something truly magical once their minds were ready for it. Unfortunately, that day never came; Instead, the day came when Morris and Jeanne learned that their uncle’s greatest illusion was his own life…”

Then it got dark.


Just something dark I cooked up recently for La Bodega Gallery's VENUS art show in San Diego. The original will be for sale soon on my storefront:

#darkart #occult #artistsonmastodon #mastodonart #witchy #ink #carrieanneart #sandiego

@ScottRoche ...and now it’s done. Three more of these, and I’ll have all the art finished (five total) for this Ten Thousand Worlds title. So, perhaps I’ll be unleashing it upon the universe this summer. It’s my version of building a ship in a bottle, one lunch break, one train ride at a time. I’ve made my peace with that, because the alternative is not to draw or write at all; and when I finish a title, I’m a happy little writer / illustrator. 💫