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@andrhia I read your post waaay too fast and thought, “Wait; What? EYEBALL LASERS are a thing now? What do I need to do to get me some Superman-style laser vision?” ;) Here’s wishing you a procedure that’s noteworthy only for its stellar results.

Doctor who, minor spoilers. autism representation Show more

#Fan #hypothesis with massive #spoilers for #DoctorWho S11E1 Show more

The memories of my departed , -of-choice, and 49 others —some represented with photos, most represented in symbols— will be honored this Day of the Dead with some choice hipster at their .

I had to set up this altar early because there's no way I'll have time to set it up closer to the actual day.

@edebill Usually the day after it’s broadcast on network or major cable in your country.

So for example, for the US, that should be ... right now.

Pardon me, I need to get off the Fediverse and get to .

@DialMforMara I vaguely recall an issue of the “What If?” where Peter does tell Uncle Ben the truth. Unfortunately, Ben has a previously undisclosed gambling problem and related debts. ensues. I don’t think it’s too much of a for an ancient, alternate-world comic to say Uncle Ben lives ... a little bit longer.

@obnoxiousbee , DC . If you can find the trade paperback or a digital download, start at issue #1 of her incarnation from 2011-ish, or the stories just prior to that in the back of Detective Comics. The author consulted Dan Choi on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” part of her origin story. Plus the artist was very inventive, switching illustration styles within a single issue, and using a gorgeous layout style that turned almost every page into a poster.

"Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden"


something something All Hail The New Queen

Girls pulls a 1500 year old sword from a lake:

All hail Saga, the once and future Queen! Also, I love that Arthur has been recast as a female.

@4lex Could you arrange it so the book is—

Very old and uses antiquated phrases (e.g. Shakespeare),

From a different culture where familiar words have different meanings (e.g. UK “vest” & US “vest”),

On a once-forbidden topic and thus written in obtuse metaphors (e.g. Nostradamus),

Assuming advanced knowledge from the reader so it doesn’t detail foundational steps (e.g. “British Bake Off” technical challenge),

Or all of the above? Getting anything right might require a roll.

Quake in horror and ye puny mortals; It has been prophesied: The sublime known only as the will arise from the dead to penetrate our collective aural cavities and melt our fragile human psyches.


@trollnystan You might want to try looking for the 2001 version of “Oriental Adventures”, published by Wizards of the Coast. If memory serves, it contains a very detailed, mostly -flavored fantasy setting. There’s also the older, original version from around 1985-ish, published by , that has more of a mythical setting.

Good luck finding a fun campaign world.

@PeteBleackley That approach turned out great for gumbo and masala, so it should make for some tasty stories and RPGs.

@PeteBleackley Hmm. I’m not sure about “prog”, but I’ve heard tell of “funk”, as in . If understand correctly, DieselFunk is to as is to , so it has a whole different vibe.

@dapperbear My Sidhe (Elves) organize themselves in what are basically hippie communes dedicated to specific cultural/artistic pursuits, where members take scheduled breaks from weaving / martial arts / whatever to handle practical matters. This includes negotiating with other communes in other regions over shared environmental policy and stewardship, the main government concerns.

@dapperbear This is an oversimplification, but my Lutins (Goblins) essentially have a “charisma-tocracy”. To humans, it looks like leadership can be challenged at any time, but what they see are just the outward rituals meant to prevent unnecessary bloodshed while arriving at an agreement. The longest-ruling leaders are consensus-builders who find useful roles for their rivals and can convince the masses to follow their policies long-term, even when they’re not around.

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