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Potential Spoilers for Black Panther! Show more

While I have encountered nothing but wise use of the “CW” option for spoilers in the Fediverse, I’ve yet to figure out how to mute specific keywords and phrases in my Mastodon client, e.g.: “Black Panther”. So ... I’m just not going to chance it. Catch everyone *after* I see the Black Panther movie this coming Wakanday.

FYI Humble Book Bundle has an Angry Robot bundle right now and the books are really good!

@ScottRoche Hmm ... assuming the younger characters were all grown up, and I wanted to mix in a bit of comedy with the action —

Dr. Quest: Victor Garber.

Jonny: Chris Pratt, who should trade in the long sleeves and pants for a t-shirt and shorts.

Hadji: Aziz Ansari, who would inevitably get involved in the writing and make Hadji a more contemporary character.

Hardrock: Dawyne “The Rock” Johnson.

Jenny: Eliza Dushku, just because I miss her.

Bandit: CGI

Director: no idea.

@snoot @darkmirror Your city has no idea how fortunate it’s about to be. You, your team, hold on to each other and you’ve got this. Best of luck. Please post pictures! 🏳️‍🌈

@Canageek “Depravo the Rat”: a super-strong, intelligent —you guessed it— rat, with thumbs, who could walk upright and stood two meters tall when he did. A master at breaking into places and breaking out of traps, this character was a waaaay too obvious homage to the true masters of one of my least favorite apartments of the past. I’m surprised I never came up with some sort of “Captain Cockroach” as well.

@nickwedig Hmmm ... I’d wonder what stuff was sensitive to being cold, hot, wet, oxygen-deprived, vibrated, moved; which items shouldn’t be placed too close together else they’d interact; what part of the collection requires regular re-warding, feeding, sacrifices; and of course, the size of the blast radius when some treasure’s special conditions for existence get violated. That’s all I’ve got.

@chrisamoody Hmmm ... Special Acquisitions, Special Collections, Time Raiders, Department of Pre-Artifacts, Reliquarians, The Butterfly Crushers, Collectors of Chronal Curiosities, The Hourglass Initiative ... that’s all I’ve got.

@kevinhearne Might I humbly suggest experimenting with “Edensoy Extra -Vanilla” as part of your dairy free adventures? In my corner of the universe, that stuff is hard to get and a bit pricey, but it’s the only soy drink I can take straight without grimacing. As a alternative, just never drink soy milk straight; always mix in something like coffee (“café au soy”), or better yet, cocoa powder —because chocolate fixes everything. :)

Best of luck on SoyQuest.

@JohnWSheldon Gator Shaman, from some Shadowrun expansion. Since your power comes from people’s beliefs, you can bring the pain in both the swamps and the sewers.

@ScottRoche Some favorite story-related podcasts: Escape Pod (); Podcastle (); Pseudopod (); Glittership ( ); Flame On! (comic/movie/game/#drag fandom); Black Tribbles: Prime ( fandom), Gutter Talk (comic fandom), Micheaux Mission (black review), etc; Free Planet X by @Planetx (category-defying); Raven & Writing Desk by @authorchrislester (future-tech magic mashup); Steal the Stars (mercs UFO paranoia). Enjoy.

@martinralya Wow. It’s never taken me that long to dust, vacuum, pop a pizza in the oven, put beers on ice, que up some Tolkien-ish music, lay out the tabletop stuff, then mentally mash up 3-4 of the most recent articles / arcs / novels / podcasts into “our story so far”. ;) Then again, I’m guessing Gary Gygax ran a more polished game than I ever will. No sentient root vegetables merging Voltron-style into vege-Kaiju for his players.

@ScottRoche Digitally “inking” a scanned pencil sketch, 30-40 minutes at a time, sequestered in a hidden corner, on my lunch break. In a week or two, it’s on to colors.

@ScottRoche As in Man / Merman? I’d not considered it before, but now I have this image of Henry Cavill / Jason Momoa that I can’t quite shake.

@bridgebury I’m making wild assumptions about your resources...
1) On payday, get enough fish/chicken/tofu to feed your household until the next one. Cut into fillets/nuggets/cubes. Spice/Bread. Freeze in one-week sets. Cook a week’s worth at a time & store in fridge.
2) Similar story w pasta/rice; Just don’t add sauce.
3) Similar story w frozen vegetables, but keep them in the freezer until needed.
4) Every night, nuke any 2 or 3 of the above items & add a different sauce.