@cipheramnesia It’s good to be able to take a bad day, rough night, or lousy week and turn it into fuel for your . Good for you. 🎨

@setsuna Three such movies come to mind:

Memento (2000)

The Bourne Identity (2002)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

lgbt folk in motorsport Show more


D&D (v3.5-ish or earlier, before it tried to become a video game on paper), ‘cause there’s nothing like your first love. ;)

, for keeping the fun going after D&D got strange. The rebound relationship.

Star Frontiers: Where else do you get to choose between playing a sentient blob or a giant mantis —in space? The fling.

@dirething The only one I know is the graphic novel / book adaptation of Octavia Butler’s “Kindred” by Abrams Books (abramsbooks.com/product/kindre).

Good luck finding others.

Hey, something I could use help on: It's been a few years since I got my current icon, and seeing as I cut off like half my hair it's a good time to get a new one. Would anyone be interested in receiving a short story in return for drawing an avatar?

@ThatWallflower Since you asked, you can’t go too far wrong with the Afrofuturistic awesomeness of “Black Panther”. It’s playing for free in some theaters in February, it’s on , and you can buy/rent it from several different places online.

@TeethTeethTeeth Good ones. Now you have me thinking... If can have Dire (Prehistoric) Wolves, why not Prehistoric like Megatherium americanum (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megath)? Four tonnes, elephant-tall, 6m long, with claws and teeth that will ruin your day. Or for that matter, M. americanum’s not-so-huge cousin Megalonyx jeffersoni (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalo) who dug its own cave lairs () & might have been a “fast” .

@AlexAloi Observing a solar eclipse. I’ve heard astronomers speculate (I forget where) that our planet’s combination of only one sun plus only one moon in just the right sizes and just the right distances to create this occasional effect is probably pretty rare in the universe.

For that matter, the Earth and Moon are nearly a binary planetary pair, one world “dead” and the other with a biosphere. Comparing and contrasting the two might be interesting.

DnD, Choose Your Own Adventure Show more

DnD, Choose Your Own Adventure Show more

@edebill Birthday party + axe throwing sounds so awesomely Metal / Viking —and the fact that an "axe throwing place" even exists makes me wonder in what neighborhood of Asgard you'll be partying. :)

A rough of a member of the Lutin (Goblin) cavalry from the world of Haven, riding a war strider, which is a personalized version of one of their tanks.

@dapperbear It might depend on what a culture defined as sickness vs a curse vs possession by a malevolent entity vs their idea of a natural life cycle. If dying of old age at 40 is normal, then cancers might rarely be seen. Merely acting above your station could get you labeled possessed or a changeling and prompt a call for an exorcist. A wish to restore someone to the “full flower of health & vigor” might be a(n expensive) cure-all for maladies with hard-to-pinpoint causes.

@dapperbear If Joe and Jane Villager know exists, but not how it works, they might have a few misconceptions:

“Why can’t you just resurrect my prize heifer / turn those 50 marauders into frogs / make the sun stand still while we harvest? Aren’t you a priestess?”

“I heard serving bread, salt, and wine to a warlock leaves everyone under your roof powerless against him, so we don’t serve your kind here.”

“That mage charmed me into stealing bread; Prove she didn’t!”

@StaleWhiteBread It’s your world. You can do whatever you want. Here’s one possible option for creating something positive:

Some of the Hobgoblins were morally opposed to slavery. At first, they helped the Human slaves in secret, then did so openly during the rebellion. Afterwards, the abolitionist Hobgoblins couldn’t go back to the slaver empire, but were given a home by the Humans, eventually intermarrying with the newly freed people, creating a distinct creole culture.

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