@dapperbear The closest we ever came to that was having our heroes inadvertently recreate Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” for a real Scrooge of a burgomaestre.

Full-on #spoiler review of the #CW’s “#DC’s #Legends of Tomorrow” S4E8 in five words: Show more

@paczki I think I’d start by asking what types of stories she likes. If she says “She-Ra”, try a deity-free Paladin who gets her special mount early in exchange for getting other powers later. If she says “Brave”, try a Ranger; “Princess Mononoke”, Druid; “Xena”, Barbarian; “Mulan”, Fighter; all with an early “special mount/familiar” trade-off, and a possible “talk with animals” power. She might also just meet a cute but unhelpful talking animal NPC who tags along.

@Satsuma So this lady makes the equivalent of $2M/year in the middle of a civil war, and it’s enough “above board” that she pays taxes on it?

While that doesn’t quite rule out war profiteering, now I think she either owns a factory or a plantation that produces something important for the war effort.

You’re right, there’s probably quite a story behind how she made her money.

Perhaps someone in the Fediverse with literary inclinations will take this as a . ;)

@Satsuma Hmmm...

Without any other information to go on, my thoughts turn to moonshine, gun-running, war profiteering, and supply-line shenanigans —possibly all at once.

@dapperbear —and in worlds you can have arctic weather, such as “Blue Frost”. Born of a fat funnel cloud that drops then disappears in mere minutes, temporarily opening a hole in the sky that reaches to space, anyone caught in it risks going into suspended animation within a near-impenetrable shell of blue frost. Victims can only be restored by prolonged exposure to large flames. Sometimes, in remote areas, you’ll encounter frozen blue beasts from ages past.

@dapperbear In “mild” Arctic conditions, beings not adapted to the climate (humans), without protective clothes & 2X the normal food, lose 1HP/day. As the weather gets harsher, it’s 1HP/hour, then minute, then turn. Without adaptive footwear (spikes, snowshoes) speed drops to 1/4 normal; with it, 1/2. Crossing ice requires regular Agility/Dexterity checks, unless you have skates, then you’re also 1 category faster. Snowfall drops visibility & max targeting range for guns & bows.

My review of every single episode of the #CW’s “#DC’s #Legends of Tomorrow” (potential spoilers): Show more

@dapperbear I enjoy your questions because in answering them, I either get to remember something fun from a past game of mine, or I get to exercise my imagination and come up with something I might use in the future —that, and I’m just happy that my odd little pursuit might sometimes help someone else have a fun time with their friends.

Ask whatever questions you feel compelled to ask; If I have nothing to offer, it’s still interesting & inspiring to read other people’s answers.

Canada's Directive on Management of IT Dec 2018 update requires open standards and open source software to be used as a first option where possible #opensource

@dapperbear We’ve usually kept it matter-of-fact but stay light on the details; e.g.:

After a death-defying adventure, a soldier-type makes it back to a guildhall in a large population center and asks for directions to a business that caters to her species. Once there, she gets to consider her “available options” while the proprietor serves her tea and goes over local etiquette. Then she “has a great time”, “learns something new”, “gets her coin’s worth”, etc... and that’s it.

I have just unleashed upon the universe version 2.0 of the "Arsenal" supplement for the World of Haven (tenthousandworlds.org/worlds/h).

An excerpt from this title:

…both the blade and handle will change length to make this weapon the equal of a long knife, swords of various sizes, or a 3 m (10 ft) pole arm, all the while remaining nearly weightless and perfectly balanced…

Download and enjoy for free: tenthousandworlds.org/titles/t

Happy Thanksgiving Week! To show my appreciation for all of you, please enjoy a never-before-published short story by me: "Automated Customer Service." It's over on my site, in both text and audio versions. Hope you like it!


Something I never thought I’d type:

’s gettin’ too real, ya’ll”.

@aloosefruit I think anybody can jump right into Series 11 Episode 1 and be just fine. New Doctor, new companions, new adversaries, new vibe.

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