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@ScottRoche I listened to chapter 16 of “The Lost and the Least” by @authorchrislester —twice— ‘cause it was that good.

Disparate clues are clicking together as things start heating up for our heroes and their world of blended future- + .

That’s about all the information I can give without spoiling things. ;)


An eastern pondhawk dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) perched on a prairie dock leaf. #dragonflies #odonata #Illinois #nature #photography #photo

@ScottRoche @PauletteJaxton I read them when I was young, and really enjoyed them, especially the one about the poor little albino runt and his boy. I’ll need to read another trilogy’s worth of books some day, perhaps from when they were first bred from little lizards.

An early of the character Cruel Sara McLeish, a cyborg full of audio/video gear, who prefers clothes that are practical enough for combat, posh enough to get her into a five-star restaurant, and flattering enough to draw attention away from women half her age —without resorting to high hemlines or plunging necklines.


Hey new mastodon.social users! A few suggestions for better homes: Show more

@ScottRoche If I stretch the definition of “”, one of my big favorites is the Christopher Priest run on ’s “ Panther”. Experimenting with telling the tale from the point of view of everyone but the hero, it added to T”Challa’s mystique. And it was (sometimes maddeningly) nonlinear. And he turned previously lame old into deep multidimensional characters. The characters everyone enjoyed in the recent adaptation were born here.

@ScottRoche At or near the top of my list of favorites is the “Dragonriders of series by Anne McCaffrey. I read the first , and last time I checked there were about two dozen of these books. You get your and your ! Genetically engineered, teleporting (sometimes time-traveling), telepathic dragons you could bond with mentally and ride into the sky to take out invaders. Plus quite a few cool . What’s not to love?

I'm looking for artists who can draw mice for a TTRPG inspired by films like The Great Mouse Detective, Rescuers Down Under, etc. Small commission for promo art (the rest depends on successful Kickstarter). POC and other marginalized folks encouraged to apply!
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Here’s an older Camazotz pillow I made with my friend Julio Penagos! It’s still one of my favorite projects and collaborations of all time

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! castling.club/ 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

@audiodude Hmm. How about —

The heroes encounter a lone warrior on their path, recently collapsed and soon to die from exotic wounds (half-petrified, half-metamorphed, half-crispy, etc...). He or she possesses an annotated map, most recently marked with “Monster?—>” right next the lair of the creature that did in the warrior.

— or —

A fleeing servant crashes into the heroes, babbling about the Master in the next chamber who just disintegrated a dozen belligerents/ninjas/berserkers.

@ScottRoche Of late, when a work of art adds something to my life, I try not to keep my enjoyment to myself anymore —especially when that art comes from an independent voice.

There’s a lot I liked about the short story “Fetch”, by @ScottRoche, besides all the and -style spookiness. It features an and a who —get this— are actually able to work together. In fact, they manage to enjoy a very warm, affectionate, mature male friendship in the middle of all the . Plus, this feels like it could be the opening chapter of a larger work...