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I'm looking for artists who can draw mice for a TTRPG inspired by films like The Great Mouse Detective, Rescuers Down Under, etc. Small commission for promo art (the rest depends on successful Kickstarter). POC and other marginalized folks encouraged to apply!
Please boost!

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

There’s a lot I liked about the short story “Fetch”, by @ScottRoche, besides all the and -style spookiness. It features an and a who —get this— are actually able to work together. In fact, they manage to enjoy a very warm, affectionate, mature male friendship in the middle of all the . Plus, this feels like it could be the opening chapter of a larger work...

Sorcha Rowan’s “Dancing with Calamity” is a fun tale, the likes of which I don’t think I’ve enjoyed since I was young. OK, so my childhood stories did not include any girl-on-girl (this is not for the kids) but it shares their spirit of . It also deals with more sober matters, such as adjusting to a recently acquired , but it never goes too dark. It can’t. There’s always action requiring our hero’s attention just a paragraph or two away.

Escape Pod episode 635, Matthew Claxton’s “After Midnight at the Zap Stop”, serves up a primo slice of . It’s updated with more lower-middle class hopes, fears, and aspirations. More episodes like this one, please! Thanks!

Version 2.0 of “Rakshasas” has been unleashed upon the universe!

An excerpt —
“…Even those depicted in the artworks of other species have all been replaced by blank spaces on canvases, gaps in bas-reliefs, and empty lines in songs. Just about everyone on Haven is certain the Rakshasas went extinct during the same magical catastrophe that gave rise to the White Waste.”


As with most of my work, it's available 4 free under a BY-NC-SA license.

I've been remiss in posting this month, hence today's four pieces, of which is the last. It's a for a scribe character.

A of a guitar player. OK, there's a lot more to her, like the fact that she's a budding young mage, but you probably can't tell that from looking at her with merely Human eyes.

Took time off to do a horsehead for someone. It’s not terrible.

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