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THE LOST AND THE LEAST is now available in paperback! The e-book will be released on Monday: amazon.com/Lost-Least-Metamor-

@kevinhearne I finished the audiobook for “Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles” the other day, and I love how you turn a phrase. I also really enjoyed your how you bring to life the fantastical elements of your stories. Kudos on finding a great narrator; Mr. Daniels’ Oberon performance was adorable.

After I finish with the final installment of a multi-volume epic I’m currently enjoying, I’ll eventually need to swing back around to the first of Atticus’ stories.

I mean...

(Also, check out the dates on these drawings. Creative work takes a LONG time.)

All “bird site” followers sent my Mastodon handle? Check. All “tweets” downloaded, archived, then deleted? Check. “Bird site” account disabled? Check. Client apps uninstalled from all devices? Check.

Transition complete. Time to party with the fuzzy pachyderm.

That amazing flying , whose treasure vaults are full to bursting with the finest in stories, just unleashed upon the universe its 500th(!) free episode. The castle holds stories for every taste, and this latest one is rather appropriate for both this occasion and these times. Congratulations and many thanks. podcastle.org/2017/12/11/podca

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... and apparently the "plumbing" may not permit images to come through, so here's what was missed. mstdn.io/media/LRIFwJuhxu5-WVR

In 2018 I plan to post "construction notes" from the Ten Thousand Worlds through a new blog, World Building. My hope is to have one place for illustration previews, RPG inspiration, plus other odds & ends.

If I can get all the "plumbing" working as it should, these posts should automatically appear on Twitter, Mastodon, and a Mastodon RSS Feed.

If you're just interested in getting announcements about completed titles, I don't plan on getting rid of the main site RSS feeds any time soon.