Or to organize now, here, in Europe, where some civil liberties still exist. The right to march, to protest, to vote, has been shown to be effective to at least get the message out.

We need to stop singing "No Pasarán" while the fascists march right over us.


-The End-

Even with ultra-hard crypto, we're probably fucked. Quantum computers will be able to solve asymmetric encryption algorithms easily, and even conventional data centers are powerful enough to brute force most passwords that you don't need to keep on a note under your keyboard.

What remains is hope.

Hope, that somewhere white hat hackers are putting together a beneficial AI that will finally rid the world of millennia of oppression.

Yes, even in those countries that managed to establish some kind of socialist rule, the powers of the west somehow managed to coerce, subdue, infiltrate or outright assasinate any attempts at proving their propaganda wrong.

Tbh, Stalin, Mao and Ho were no saints, but neither were they the monsters you will see in the fake documentaries, right after a guy with weird hair tells you that aliens built the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and probably the Hoover Dam, too.

To hope that the institutions of democracy, supreme judges, ceremonial heads of state, or anti-corruption authorities in any way save us is about as likely to be fulfilled as hoping for divine intervention, an alien invasion or a plague of giant bunnies.

What we can do is limited. Any kind of growing organisation targeting the basis of "modern society", wealth inequality, will be targeted by institutions dedicated to their eradication. (CIA in Chile, e.g.).

Trumps father was conceived in Germany - and the Germans were the ones responsible sending Lenin to Moscow. Just saying, you know, that 'Merica was fighting against the Krauts back then, too.

To put it bluntly: We're fracked.

Xi Yinping will probably become the first emperor of a supposedly communist technocrat dynasty.

Putin, however, is a great leader that will lead humanity into the future. I love my life, my friends and my family.

In totally over the top headcanon of the sci-fi apocalypse dystopia our society is currently evolving into, Trump is a soviet agent in second generation, placed after the end of the first world war.

In the east, it's even worse. China and Russia, Turkey and a whole host of other pseudo-democracies that no longer even uphold the sham operation we call "rule of law" in the west.

Instead, the Chinese will become the first completely surveilled citizens, pairing face recognition software with infringement records and surveillance video feeds. With a stick of that size, you don't need many carrots any more.

And their watchdogs are stronger than ever now. The technological developments of the past 20 years, the birth of big data and the first pre-sentient AI systems, marks a turning point in the balance of power. Unfortunately, not one that favours the working masses.

"Big Data" means one thing, and one thing only: total customer visibility, wherever a purchase is made. Maximizing profits is the only common goal now.

Why? Because the 1% know who and what they are - the rest of us are kept in a state of constant overworked exhaustion (except for a somewhat more privileged sub-elite un the upper third of the income bracket).

Doctors, lawyers, other academics that devoted time and money into their education, are fully aware that they can fall from grace, their permits can be revoked, and they're right back at the bottom with the rest of us.

So, those of us lucky enough to land some white-collar position somewhere are expected to work a minimum of 8 up to a maximum of 12 hours of each waking day.

And this is legal nearly everywhere in the world currently.

At the same time, we see the rich getting richer faster than ever before. The class war is raging on, and we are losing on all fronts.

Our whole lives are being run by "managers" - we spend the majority of the day completing mundane tasks that, probably, could be taken over to a great part by semi-autonomous machines, or trained monkeys.

In some cases, the monkeys are shown a powerpoint sales presentation of a product for 30 minutes and are then expected to troubleshoot a complex system spanning a continent.

In Europe, we like to believe we are beyond that. This is not the case.

Cases of politicians being bought, or assuming prominent positions in dubious companies after their deposition, are abundant.

Schröder, Gusenbauer, Glawischnig, to name just three from the rather small patch of land where german is spoken.

In short: Humanity would never have survived into the 21st century if Capitalism was indeed our nature.

Our current state of social organisation, with the "political" entities within western democracies exacting as little to no pressure on global corporations (which, incidentially, are not run democratically. Ever heard of a manager being appointed by popular majority?) as any dictatorship in the oligarch's pockets.

After the whole deer is processed, the tribesmen who cut and smoked the jerky are each given their pre-allotted ration of jerky - much less than each one of them produced. Lucy uses the remaining surplus to trade for her personal use.

When the rest of the tribe runs out of food, she is either killed or somehow manages to coerce the others into serving her unconditionally for scraps.

According to capitalist logic, this is totally insane.

Lucy, being the only one who can bring the deer down, would need to hire Peter and Paul. She would promise them both a tenth of deer, which is much more than they would get it the whole tribe shares equally.

Lucy claims the remaining 80% of the deer as his own, and makes the rest of the tribe work for her pleasure in order for her to even give them a piece.

Let's say Peter, Paul and Lucy go on a hunt. Peter is the best tracker, Lucy is the best shot, and Paul knows edible plants.
The hunt goes well - Lucy brings down a deer. The three take turns carrying the carcass on a pole, and when they return to their cave, the rest of the tribe will participate in a feast, and then continue to process deer into jerky. All of them get roughly the same share of food. Way before they run out, the tribe chooses the next foraging parties.

For the larger part of prehistory, mankind lived in hunter-gatherer tribes - which recognized individual differences in ability, but was fiercely egalitarian when it came to distributing the resources gathered by the tribe. Let's look at a hypothetical example, and then transpose it to capitalist logic - the result is quite astounding.

I could go on naming examples from every time period, every society, nation or ideology. If I chose just one example from, let's say every continent that had some kind of reliable written history at the time period, for every hundred years of records, I couldn't finish this text before I croak.

And this is not our nature. Not even a bit.

Yep, this is behaviour we recognise as innately human: The more power one has, the more attractive one becomes for desirable sexual partners.

Those nearing total command of their subordinates can abuse, lie and harass with impunity - at least that's what they've been doing the last 5.000 years.

To pick a sample totally at random: Charlemagne. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlema

5 official concubines mentioned by the court historian alone.

So: There is no conspiracy. There never was. There's just a political and economic system being run by kleptocrat alpha monkeys.

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