Sometimes you just need to make short term sacrifices for the bigger picture called lyf .. feeling invincible

@theRahulBhola "In the end, regardless of where you are on the development hierarchy, keep coding. It’s where you’re most valuable." - The Developer's Code

love too blindly pipe stuff from the internet straight into bash

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Finally got my dad using a proper password manager and moving off from his password diary .. feeling really excited to see how this turns around xD .. really hoping doesn't bite me back in ass if he forgets his master password -_-

Oh well found my way back here .. anyone got any recommendations on good ?? No Harry Potter or fiction please 😅

I don't have angry eyes, i got puppy eyes o.O

I should create a new list with all on .. that might end up as the only list i check up most often xD


Damn you .. you are just a pretty programing language

Probably the only thing i am missing on here is tenor gifs.. rest i am frecking loving it .. wait forgot lol .. @riverdusty up for it :D

Only me or people actually use Kindle to go to sleep 😕

@joolz Got you both under awesome list right here. So whenever you i don't end up missing anything

@theRahulBhola Currently I'm just using it as a Unix devbox but once I got my Elgato Hybrid TV tuner, I'm going to turn it to a digital TV receiver

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