Another new YouTube video... this time we try some discounted Easter bunnies (no brand).

I'm not only here to promote, just quiet around here.

New YouTube video: taste testing 4 Lotte Pepero flavours...

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Hi friends! I'm currently looking for work.

Technologies I'm good at: Go (golang), JavaScript, ES6, React, Redux, AWS, Docker, Postgres, ElasticSearch

Areas of expertise: web application prototypes, web scraping, IoT protocols, digital identities

My resume is here:
My email is: [email protected]

Please get in touch if I could be of service to you or someone you know!

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Posted a YouTube video: trying Doritos Super Nova flavour.

It's the weekend, and then we get three 4 day weeks in a row. Woot!

I've spent the last few days migrating a project from using AWS' spot instances with fall back to regular instances to spot fleet. Which is amazing. I'd love it if spot instances could be just a bit more flexible, but fleet has solved a bunch of problems.

I'm not a bacon sandwich, I just play one on TV.


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