Why are so many people trained to label and dehumanize people?

What happened to genuine conversations where people can agree to disagree and still be friends?

It is, because if you are rulers in the business of information supression the wisest course of action is to discredit all those who dare to speak the truth.

Instead try taking the time to listen to their points of view. Validate their beliefs yourself through independent investigation. Draw your own conclusions and free your mind.

So many are conditioned to label people to invalidate their views. Many label people antivaxxers, but unlike most sheeple they actually research side effects.

Have you ever listened to the average commercial for prescription medications? The side effects are often far worse than the condition it claims to treat.

With the Cov-19 vaccine side effects include pain, paralysis, infertility, death, and more. This is for a disease with a +99.98% recovery rate and already has a safe cure that works.

This is for all those who worship evil seeking to keep humanity asleep, brainwashed, and enslaved.

Beware of all the false heroes at democracy.town. They are not what they appear to be. Justice is coming for them soon.

Have you lost the ability to think for yourself?

Do you blindly follow whatever the popular consensus is?

Do you say I believe in science, but never bother to use the scientific method to test the facts?

Will you realize the world is pretty fucked up and we need to all do something about it to finally set things right?

That person is you. The time is now. Be the hero you were always meant to be. Save yourself first. Save your local community next. Free the world together as one human race.

Did you know there is a high probability you are brainwashed living with a false sense of reality?

Stop watching TV shows and movies. Don't believe everything mainstream news, politicians, celebrities, influencers, and rich people with power tell you.

It is time for you to stand up and have courage for once in your life. Start reversing all the damage they have done to us.

Read quality books. Improve yourself through self education. Eliminate, or refuse to pay debts. Be a free human now!

Former Pfizer VP Yeadon Exposes How Covid Vaccines Were Fraudulently Approved

Former vice president at Pfizer turned whistleblower Michael Yeadon exposes how the covid vaccines were “fraudulently” approved — and haven’t even been proven to be effective.


Did you know that it doesn't matter if you are black, white, brown, yellow, red, or blue. You are simply a debt slave to those who rule over you.

Stop feeding your slave owners. Stop listening to their commands. Realize oppression has no skin color. Don't let them divide and conquer us all anymore.

You are being tricked into giving up your freedoms on a daily basis. Work together in harmony, resolve our differences peacefully, and force slave owners to free you from all forms of slavery now!

When will this silent world war finally be over?


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