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ah okay, i need to run wg show on the client too

when you are on a plane to the east, you not only advance in time during your flight, but also timezones 🤔 fascinating

i wonder if it's right to be offended sometimes

Zero cost abstractions are a lie because all abstractions carry a cognitive cost


Software you should know about of the day: doas

It's an alternative to sudo. It's available in Alpine Linux main.

"But what's wrong with sudo?", you ask. To that, I answer: man sudoers and grep for "despair". Compare with man doas.conf.

twitter was faster. andrew gallant himself answered my question

asked the same question on the bird-site. wonder where i will get help (or not) faster

is therre any way to delete all lines up to line X with ?

The Doomsday Algorithm gives the day of the week for any date (and you can do it in your head)

my top15 on by country

1. Hungary
2. USA
3. Denmark
4. USA
5. France
6. France
7. Greece
8. Belgium
9. USA
10. USA
11. Sweden
12. Austria
13. Canada
14. Denmark
15. Australia

which are you

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