heya @qwazix i kind of need your help

i was reading up on female serial killers, and stumbled across this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariam_S and was wondering why there's no greek version of that article. can you tell me why?

few things feel worse than people disappearing from my life

everyone is one of the richest people on earth

life is shit, because once you get invested in it, you die. death is always sudden

TIL you can list things without resorting to commas, just capitalize each new item, so a list of movie titles will look like

El hoyo La casa de papel Gisaengchung The gentlemen

why do we need commas in csv again?

i have just done watching fargo season 1, and it only made me sad and more anxious :blob_anguished: wanted to get distracted from corona a bit, i don't usually watch movies

@matt every word in \@matt\@oslo\.town is 4 letters long!!

why do i feel like it's wrong to brag about what you are good at, or about your appearance or any other qualities? for example if a girl has huge boobs she will surely show them on her profile picture? why do i feel that's wrong? what is not wrong to brag about?🤔 :blobunsure:

my bluetooth mouse just changed its mac, can you imagine that?

@ihabunek thank you for toot! i just found out about it, and it's great!

everyone is gay and gay people are straight

it's pointless to ask "what's X" on the internet, you can always google. i just read a toot by a fellow mstdner and wanted to ask what ergodox is

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