-1 to this idea from OpenBSD that all syscalls have to be routed through libc, requiring e.g. Golang to link to and run syscalls via libc.

Languages which are not C should not depend on C. A language design is much more compelling when its own compiler, runtime, stdlib, etc are self-hosting (i.e. written in the language itself). Constraining ourselves to a language design which can route all of its syscalls through the libc abstraction layer (which is THICK) constrains our language designs in ways I dislike.

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@sir can't find your opinion on vlang. it is self hosted, but it also claims to have C as the backend github.com/vlang/v/wiki/On-the

t. clueless

@tho I can write this off straight away because you said it has a C backend


@sir but why? :( i thought you loved C

@tho I built you this house out of books instead of plywood. Why don't you like it? I thought you liked books!

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