ah okay, i need to run wg show on the client too

@angristan hey, Stanislas! i thought you might know this: is there no way to get an archlinux instance on dev1-s on scaleway? when i click either arch or alpine dev1-s and dev1-m instances get greyed out...

when you are on a plane to the east, you not only advance in time during your flight, but also timezones 🤔 fascinating

i wonder if it's right to be offended sometimes

Zero cost abstractions are a lie because all abstractions carry a cognitive cost


@fribbledom what i miss in git is the ability to do reverse ignore, meaning automatically track all new files in a directory

since two people have starred this toot, i feel obliged to clarify why you should use opendoas instead of doas from AUR (something i should really have done in the original toot), the reason is that doas is not as feature rich as the package from the official repo, e.g. it doesn't have the persist config flag, meaning you have to enter your root password everytime you use it, and also you have to do `doas -- pacman -S opendoas` (notice the two dashes after doas) because doas cannot into argument

@sir for those who might want to try it out - it exists in the official arch community repo as the package called `opendoas` (not to be confused with `doas` in AUR)

Software you should know about of the day: doas

It's an alternative to sudo. It's available in Alpine Linux main.

"But what's wrong with sudo?", you ask. To that, I answer: man sudoers and grep for "despair". Compare with man doas.conf.

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