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twitter was faster. andrew gallant himself answered my question

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asked the same question on the bird-site. wonder where i will get help (or not) faster

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is therre any way to delete all lines up to line X with ?

@sir it didn't. apparently that's not how mastodon works

@yogthos this will fit perfectly in that HN thread "best skills to learn in one hour"

The Doomsday Algorithm gives the day of the week for any date (and you can do it in your head)

@protonmail nice! will it eventually be available for free users?

@sir i don't understand why you need the gitignore file, I get by without it and never had problems, moreover - when i issue `git status` it shows me files that i staged to commit, modified tracked files, AND the list of new untracked files, so when i feel the need to commit I skim through that list and check if i don't forget to include any of the new files. very handy

@yogthos never occured to me that games may cost multiple million dollars

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