I was banned from anticapitalist.party on may 6th 2018, because I had a full blown psychotic break going on and tootedabsolute schizophrenic nonsense at incredibly hihg speed. That day I jumped from a window and broke my legs :(

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10 Look at this stupid American, being dumb and fat
20 Shut up, europoor, you're poor and communist
30 Shut up American, all you do is eat borgar
40 GOTO 10

Any ist have any tips on impending ? Last time it happened I jumped from a window and broke my legs (still yet to recover). The voices won't let me sleep, and I am gravely afraid πŸ™

>The Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters: five vowels: a e i o u (each with a long pronunciation and a short one) and eight consonants: he ke la mu nu pi we, including a glottal stop called Κ»okina.


Remember those life simulator games for Windows? Or maybe they were not called life simulator, I just don't know how to google them, and I don't remember much about them. I remember they were played in a regular Windows window, and you clicked buttons to eat something for $2, then a button to go to work and earn $4, and then the button to go to work becomes inactive and you can't click it until the next day, and in the end you are a trillionaire? Anyone remember this?

I'm a terrible C programmer. I just had to close client, because my plugin was eating up 18 gigs of ram


Hey @matt! Is this intentional? :D

>A full list of hidden or blocked domains is published below.

(there’s nothing below)


For those who are like me and don't have IPv6, this is an excellent alternative


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How do I share files on with my computer, if they are on the same network?

This site is so stupid.

Everyone likes everyone in a row just to find out who liked them, ends up talking to nobody, because their matches don't reply to them, because they liked them within the avalanche of other profiles they had to like to find their matches... Vicious circle

Look up Penitent on

Imagine having written 10+ albums since the 90s and only had 90 listeners. That's what I call dedication!

I'm back at mstdn.io, because running own mastodon instance is hell. I need to wait for 30 minutes until b0x.me redirects to my account (why??? :blob_anguished: ) and if by then it does not then I will need to contact namecheap support

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