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the world would be so much more effective if there was no such thing as duplicate functionality

@angristan i think this is the address, not sure tho

>Cafe 연남동 239-20

what's up with the two C++ libraries both called libtorrent?

there is an underwhelming shortage of cutting edge distros

today i discovered that you can play anyone's library on these are such easy links to overlook

I bought the Sierra Wireless EM7345, a 4G modem for my thinkpad, even though I can't walk it feels great to finally be autonomous - internet everywhere my laptop is. I've had a hard time making it work though, and had to install and remove Windows 10 and try out several other operating systems. Somehow NetworkManager does not work with this modem in Arch and Debian, but works in Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora

opensuse installation takes forever. in fact it takes so much time i decided against installing it and download ubuntu (which works for me too) and dd it to another usb drive from within the opensuse livecd

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