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0.11.0 (an ) has just been released.

This release brings support, a multi threaded engine, loads of optimizations and fixes.

The source tarballs and a readily installable binary package (DEB) can be found via the announcement:

Detailed release news are provided in the repository: github.com/tim-janik/beast/blo

DE: bleibt vorerst ausgenommen von Voratsdatenspeicherung ().

EN: Freifunk (free wireless community network) is for now exempt from the obligations of the upcoming German telecommunications data retention law.


Surprise while testing fedora:latest in Docker:
$ dnf install man && man dnf
No manual entry for dnf
Odd, dnf and man are there but no package manager manual page?
Luckily people on IRC helped out, apparently the docker fedora images are heavily stripped. To fix the issue dnf needs to be reinstalled:
$ dnf reinstall dnf && man -f dnf
dnf (8) - DNF Command Reference

Maybe its not how most designers want to work, but I’d rather talk to clients myself instead of getting wrong information from an account manager indirectly.

Clients already don’t know what they want most of the time. When you add in the opinions of non-creatives who are more concerned about time/budget than finding the right solution, its a recipe for failure.

If you're an account manager somewhere, please learn what your creative team does and involve them in your process.

Starbug [from CCC] was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems.

.../... the iris picture is printed on a laser printer. .../... a normal contact lens is placed on top of the print. This successfully fools the iris recognition system into acting as though the real eye were in front of the camera.


\o/ CCC \o/ <3

Vue.js keeps bothering me about vue-devtools every time I develop in electron. Here's how to fix that: github.com/vuejs/vue/issues/57

We just supported @pippin for his work on #Gimp and #GEGL.


And Jacques Lucke for his work on #Blender Animation Nodes.


Support Free Software!

#floss #linuxartists

<--- Se demande à quoi pourraient servir où quoi devenir de ses interviews de différents acteurs sur #FabLab #TiersLieux et pratiques collaboratives


Yay, my -base contacts have arrived at mastodon as well ;-)

If you're a #Python developer from the #Balkans, looking for a fun place to work for a while, ping me please! We need you. ;)

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379 active instances

Tooting from the commandline via tootstream. The future is here and it has a distinctly 80s vibe.

I finally figured how the nodejs/electron main event loop integration works:
Electron's main thread executes all JS functions *and* executes all uv_default_loop callbacks. But it drives the loop exclusively via UV_RUN_NOWAIT calls without polling. File descriptor polling is offloaded into a separate worker thread.
That has some subtle implications, like getting fewer fd events if the main thread concurrently reads from the fd, so uv_poll handlers don't always execute when/after data arrived.


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