Also 11 page implementation chapter. Lol. Could've probably slimmed it down a lot but I want to talk about at least SOME of the horrible things I've actually coded.

My thesis takes 70 seconds to build while my laptop is unplugged and in battery-saver mode.

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I completely forgot that the Mastodon web interface has all those margins between the columns because I immediately wrote a userstyle to remove those.

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This may also be @pixel making me interested in stuff again without even knowing it despite me having to do so much else :C

No experience with any JS frontend frameworks but I've just read through the introduction of Vue.js and it seems very well thought-out.

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>work says they found linux consultant
>ask me to talk with him to check if he's familiar with the stuff we use
>because they dunno linux
>talk to him
>he doesn't know what ssh is
>"y-you know, logging in to linux servers?"
>"OH! you mean putty?"

thank fucking god they asked me before hiring him

Is there any better way to write than using LaTeX and a monospaced font. Probably. Definitely. I like my dark theme.

Trying to work at home and wondering why I don't have my latest changes from Wednesday.
Yeah, you have to actually pull your repo to get the changes.

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[ASMR] Linus from Linus Tech Tips comes to your home and watercools your pots and pans

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PSA: duckduckgo has !-keywords that redirect searches to other sites
!w - wikipedia
!g - if you want to be a heretic
!aur - the AUR lol
!gh - github
!wa - wolfram alpha

so to search wikipedia for the article on crabs you type
!w crab

if you set ddg as yr default search you can jump to literally all of the webbed site searches with minimal keystrokes :blobcat:

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