I completely forgot that the Mastodon web interface has all those margins between the columns because I immediately wrote a userstyle to remove those.

Transferring 700 MB via FTP is not fun but I'm too lazy to take the SD card out of my 3DS.

Seems like Facebook is dropping support for subscribing to your event calendar via an .ics URL. Which was tbh the only thing I still used Facebook for.

I'm like on every messaging service imaginable because I don't care enough to refuse using some service and it's actually quite convenient to have people grouped in different apps.

But seems like I'm stuck on Insider till the actual 2004 release since 1909 turned out to be only a minor update.

I see MS is switching up their naming yet again

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

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Did Lenovo remove the ability to set a custom boot logo when flashing the BIOS?

You ever think about how the FFXIV patch numbers make no sense.

next one is probably 5.2

They should either add a 0 so the versions are counting up properly or add a . to separate the minor patches from the major ones.

Today I made some progress but most importantly struggled a lot with LaTeX but everything's acceptable now

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Oh no. XDCC bots now use your nickname when asking for donations.

This service I created an account at for "somehow" using free 6to4 (or so) doesn't work at all. I can't create a tunnel because it says my IPv6 address is in an invalid format. Even the one they're displaying right next to it?? And then I thought I don't want to go through the hassle of writing them a mail to delete my account so I'll just change it to a throwaway address. But the verification mail doesn't arrive.

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looking forward to my future career as a poet. only way i can get anything published is as an independent contractor for the Disney-Amazon-Netflix corporation. my poems are still inscrutable nonsense, but now they're technically part of the Dumbo extended universe

I'm in different network now which has IPv6 support and I can access 80/443/1194. 1071 not so much but that could be my firewall which is only allowing IPs from Germany and I could imagine that the identification is more difficult via IPv6?

I should also really figure out why WoL isn't working on my "HTPC" and where the problem is in my Raspberry Pi video grabber chain
...but no energy for any of that

Turns out my cellular network is IPv4 only, which explains at least that part. I think.

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