Wow, I didn't expect to get bones AND animations done today. Feels good. Sleep NOW. :blob_sleeping:

I like that I'm confident now that I could create entire models by hand, because automating it taught me all that I need to know.

@pixel I'm impressed every single time you manage to parse something new! So kudos :kirby_happy:

@timo once you have cleaned up the code, can we expect a writeup on this? 👀

@pixel Like... documentation, or even........ a blog post?

@timo code documentation (at least basic method XMLDoc) isn't bad

but yes, I meant a blogpost like thing.

your approach, basic explanations, I guess this is a topic that interests a lot of people.

it might not be the perfect solution (yet!) but definitely a good starting point!

@timo (spoilers: I want to do the same for file parsing and research etc.)

@pixel If you nudge me like ten more times after I've finished cleaning up I'll probably to it. Considering how long I had to search to get all the information I needed it'll probably be useful for others as well.

(And it'd give me the chance to finally do something with my website xD)

@timo and yeah, I think sharing knowledge is important.

So, now that others haven't done it, it's our time to help people out 8)

@timo and moreso, you now somewhat know how to store/read data from files that are not engine-specific!

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