Thanks, Larry. I'll check these out this evening.

But your's is more fun, 'real', and down-to-earth. :)

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I make no apologies for being passionate about people being kind to each other.

@Cobalt @rotatingskull

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Oh how one sun kissed day makes a difference for the fruit. And the roses are just lovely - I swear that one is smiling back at me. #garden #amgrowing

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#ff #ffed

Shouting out @luka, who makes incredible music.

Thank you for filling my ears with interesting things. :)

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I compose sacred and secular choral music, and put it online under a CC by-SA license so choirs can sing it for free!

Publishers won't touch my work because I won't let them prohibit photocopying, so I need support from people like you.

My Patreon is patreon.com/artsyhonker

I have other options for people who prefer them:

Thank you so much!


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The $1 tier on my #Patreon gives you early access to coming #webcomic updates, with larger image formats. I'm about to upload a large batch!

Any recommendations? :) She mainly paints but her doodling (even using a biro) is amazing.

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I have not looked at social media in days. DAYS!!! (maybe only 2 days, but still...)

I looked at the roses and went to a patisserie, and moved a washing machine down a flight of stairs. Computers can't do those things. :)

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I love this project: a riverbed in Amsterdam was drained and the ~700,000 found objects dating from the 1300s to present were photographed and presented online:


My wife uses Art Set Pro for painting on her iPad and loves it.

I have to say that unless one is a Tech Wizard, or has the patience of a saint, most of the FOSS applications I've tried for creating music have been a massive challenge, and simply aren't as good as many of the Proprietary apps.


This is outstanding work, Luka. On my BC wishlist for when I have a few quid to spare. Bravo!

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This is awesome, Luka. Very powerful. Is Maja the one with the long hair, or is that you?

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Cab Calloway’s "Hepster Dictionary," a 1939 Glossary of the Lingo (the "Jive") of the Harlem Renaissance cultr.me/1IZPTim t.co/XM6YPwl7mj

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