Instead of fighting ad algorithms, what if there was a tool that instead grabbed the suggestions of what they think you want and/or need and somehow put it into a blender with what you think you want and/or need and hit puree. You then get something you are looking for with some algorithmic entropy. I wonder if Stable Diffusion could somehow be tweaked in a clever way to do this.

"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."
-- Jack Kerouac

This is how I feel right now.

Bob's Burgers convo (S8 E16 - "Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday")...

Hugo, the health Inspector: Bob, health inspectors save lives.
Bob: <shrugs>
Restaurateur, former business guy: You know in finance, there are no inspectors. You just don't need them!

People who have been around Ruby for a while will remember _why the lucky stiff and "Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby". The person was anonymous until some journalist revealed his identity whereby he pulled all his online stuff. Someone has collated a complete list of his contributions...

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15 days without upgrading

that's all it takes to break an Arch install :blobcatderpy:
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The logical "Meta" 

I would go so far to say that because of this and many other nuances, the individual can in fact see and experience the "divine" or the "meta". We just cannot properly formalize anything about it in language.

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The logical "Meta" 

Godël was talking about logic and formal systems, specifically formal number systems, and what the system can prove about itself. It says nothing at all about organisms constructed of systems that inherently defy logic, both at the micro quantum levels and at the macro emergent levels.

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The logical "Meta" 

The elephant in the room about a grander scheme is: Can the individual know about the meta? Can the symbiotic cell be aware of the host? Can we know about god? Even today's best thinkers and philosophers seem to always lean on Godël to hand wave this away. With his very thorough proof of incompleteness, they deduce that it is impossible for the contained to know or reason about the container. They are only partially right.

The concept of self is self-reinforcing 

The Buddhist maintains that mind stream is real. Cause and effect is real. Perception as we practice it is just a layer of paint we apply, sort of like how in movies an invisible creature is revealed by throwing sand at it. You get to see some of reality, but it is distorted and one often walks away with a cloudier picture than what one started with.

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The concept of self is self-reinforcing 

meaning that it is an artifact, not something that is intrinsically real of substance. It can be gone in a second with the smallest change of context. So, then what is real?

treasures in heaven 

We often try to either prolong the event that creates momentary happiness or ensure that we can recreate the event. This ultimately leads to suffering because there is never a sure thing. What one *can* do, however, is train the mind to embrace the now. Instead of loading oneself down with the trappings of the past, one can instead focus on creating a proper mindset for the present, and in this way, train oneself to more easily experience bliss as a natural state of mind.

For someone that spends a lot of time on youtube watching lengthy deep thought (well, that's debatable) podcasts, you would think I would have known by now that you can quick jump with the numeric key pad.

In a fictional story I'm writing, a scholar is asked what harmony is 

He writes: She seems to defy karma, floating through surrounding events aloft on clouds of strange providence, never once giving pause to reflect she may have set them in motion, or ponder the possibility that nature somehow agreed with her countenance. As she travels, the storms awash with flotsam carry her merrily and uninvited to appointments she was always meant to attend, and to lovers that were predestined enemies.

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Worried about the cost of living? You’re a doomsaying lefty, says Liz Truss | Frances Ryan | The Guardian:

By medically, of course I mean not genetically, but considered overweight by medical standards.

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It seems pretty obvious, at least to me, that America's culture has adopted the "feel good about your body" mindset so much to the point that being medically overweight is okay. I'm not overly concerned, but I do find it a bit weird that high school kids look way different than when I went to school. Maybe this is only where I live, though.

If you ever choose to go that route, things to be aware of:
- don't be alarmed it wants to go over WAN, it's fully encrypted and both ends need to know each other (privacy first off network)
- conflicts made offline need to be resolved manually, and though there is versioning options, it is not git
- it is real time, slow, but real time syncing if both ends are live
- I would not recommend for vital data without some other form of backup

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I successfully set up SyncTrayzor/syncthing to synchronize my desktop's logseq and my phone's logseq graphs. Here's the thing though. When observing what was going on, it was relaying through relay servers instead of the local LAN and going through Russia of all places. It turns out "Global Discovery" is on by default, which is great if you want to sync over WAN, I suppose. Why it chose that over LAN I have no idea.

If you think you had a bad day or a good day, just remember that it is a judgement you are making. A different you (different mood, different thought pattern, different timeline, different universe, different one tiny little parameter) might think differently. It's all in your head and you are not a deterministic phenomena. Upshot: always be making good bread out of what may seem like bad dough.

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