Reality is what one makes of it. Yes, we have consensus, but contexts differ from being to being, from time to time. In other words, to appreciate divinity, one does not yearn to control their surroundings, but instead realizes they are the author of their own perceptions.

I think this is a key misunderstanding when there is talk of "being divine" when practicing esoteric Buddhism.

People often thing of tranquility when they think of meditation. Before I go embrace the void and lose context, the cry is not of peace; it's the echoes of fading cheers and joyous laughter from spirits that have gone before and with me saying, "Let's rock this joint!" It's seems at times they are more excited than I.

I woke this morning for some reason wanting burrs in my stockings and snarls in my hair, though I was barefoot and am bald. I was looking to complain about something; to see the bad in everything. My mind desired to be miserable Then I realized the whole point of this life was to make others happy, and suddenly everything became as it should.

The one social event I go to in the last two years was a funeral, and it gave me covid. My mom went and came away unscathed. She either has a hardier constitution than I, or she is more reserved than me when it comes to things like hugging. Actually, tbh, I think it was really her being more judicious about keeping her hands sanitized and not touching her face.

Contradictions in esoteric practices - 5...

Some say downward channel flows through the front, others down the sides

Some say chakras have symbols, others colors

Some say auras, others say aspects

Some say energy is orthogonal to spirit, others say they are intertwined

Some say god, others say deities, some heterarchy, others hierarchy

Some say use mouthwash, some say don’t rinse after brushing teeth :)

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Contradictions in esoteric practices - 4...

Some say without direction by a teacher, you are lost, some say without the right student, both teacher and student fall into the abyss.

Some promote community, others hermitage, some communion, others retreat

Some say indulgence, others asceticism, some promiscuity, others abstinence

Some say compassion, others brandish a sword of intent

Some say tip of tongue to upper front teeth, others say back of roof of mouth

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Contradictions in esoteric practices - 3...

Some say geographical location is important, some say spirits exist across time but limited to area,

Some say not bound to place but to mind.

Some say intent means everything.

Some say intent is a product of desire.

Some say there is danger at every turn, some say embrace every spurious moment.

Some say fear is good, some say only dominance is acceptable

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Contradictions in esoteric practices - 2...

Some say siddhis are present in all master of the subtle body, some say it is strongest in cold climes, some lamas say no, in India it is stronger, because there it is hotter.

Some Taoists say it is bad to run too hot, some kundalini practitioners say the hotter the more impact

Some say no mind should be soft, some Crowley and other occult believers suggest no mind should be taken with force and practiced with hardened intent.

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Contradictions in esoteric practices - 1...

Some say there are 3 important chakras, some say there are 4, 5, 7, or 100 that are important.
Some say they are chakras with branches, others say chakras are complete in and of themselves.

Some say one should meditate seated with legs crossed, some say seated in a chair is okay as long as you are erect, a Shingon monastery in Japan promoted prone meditation.

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Contradictions in esoteric practices - 0...
If one studies long enough with a broad enough scope, it becomes clear that there are a lot of contradictions in esoteric studies not only between different disciplines but often within the disciplines themselves.

Moloch: the state of a system characterized by mismatched scarcity whereby wealthy actors can out compete non wealthy actors of their needs for things the wealthy does not need but simply wants.

This is so true it's ridiculous:

"Studies have shown animals use flavour [sic] as a guide to the vitamins and minerals they require. If flavour serves a similar role for humans, then we may be imbuing junk foods such as potato chips and fizzy drinks with a false ‘sheen’ of nutrition by adding flavourings to them. In other words, the food industry may be turning our nutritional wisdom against us, making us eat food we would normally avoid and thus contributing to the obesity epidemic."

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Neal Stephenson: Sci-Fi, Space, Aliens, AI, VR & the Future of Humanity ... via @YouTube

His background is turning money into money, meaning, he loves the idea that it takes money to move money around using his "we are at the neck of the hourglass taking grains of sand as it moves through it, the have and have nots on each side (having property and willing to sell risk, and the other side having no property and willing to shoulder the risk). Fun stuff.

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Took an online MIT class in FinTech (finance technology). - The course is good in that it exposed me to what business profs and students are really thinking about. This particular class showed a clear lack of empathy or concern about ethics dealing with privacy and it seemed the prof was practically giddy when talking about how easily corporations turned data into money (privacy as value).

In researching distributed identification I came across BrightID and at first thought, wow this is a really neat idea. Then, I realized that technically people could ban together and effectively vote someone out of existence.

Then yesterday I saw S1E7 "Majority Rule" of The Orville and laughed. In it, a society was ruled by up and down votes. People could literally vote to have someone lobotomized.

AI haiku... this gem...

Shorten and lengthen
Muscles against resistance.
Do it many times

Some think one must manifest destiny. Others think one must allow destiny to happen and accept it harmoniously, The wise know the two are the same thing

For no reason whatsoever, I had a dream about Mighty Mouse last night. I don't even remember ever watching that. The music must have hit me a super long time ago once...

I know acapella wasn't really a thing at the time, so I decided to remind myself what was going on then...

Perchance, mayhap, I should strive to supply a modest repo with a readme that attempts to, as Douglas Adams says, set the record straight, or at least firmly crooked? Should I, in other words, apply to become an anagora user?

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