I invariably listen to music whilst at work. To-day, a colleague did me a "favour" by tuning-in a music channel on the smart TV. He introduced it as: "Listen to this, it's great!"

It was non-stop rock & pop "classics", frequently interrupted by adverts. As if this wasn't bad enough, the songs weren't by the original artists. The songs were covered by people who were so no-names that they weren't even credited.

Out of politeness I felt obligated to listen to it for a while.

It was purgatory.


@fitheach Hmm. I could not be so brave. We get enough of that in most every gas station and/or convenience store in the midwest US; possibly some shopping malls too. This type of thing was tactfully *designed* to make you brain dead. Methinks your colleague be in leagues with "we must not say whom".

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Must be related to elevator music.

Interestingly, our cheap supermarkets (Aldi and Lidl) don't have music, but, Morrison's does.

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