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#FreeBSD and #Netflix looking towards the community to help review patches to support in-kernel TLS (KTLS), which provides drastic performance improvements for TLS-encrypted sockets:

I'm experimenting with blogging and I've just wrote a small piece on the single reason why I use public transport. I wonder if people agree with my reasoning and if you don't, let me know!

Micro services with a team of 4 is a mistake. Don't make it.

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@aral maybe is something for your needs? I know they have an domainAPI

Finally having discussion on mental health issues is a positive step forward in understanding this issue, but I do feel it's very late and hspuld have started many years ago.

Man there's nothing worse than having managers flapping around when you are trying to fix issues in production. The dreaded "roll back roll back" shouting around is the best morale booster.


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