Let's talk about my current big project - . This is a long-term project of my own blog engine on , which I have already started three times, but not very successfully. But on the fourth attempt to completely rewrite from scratch, I achieved significant success in less than a month: full basic support for publishing posts and pages on behalf of one user. As well as support for customization of the theme and reactive dashboard for administrator.

I am surprised that this is already working well and am preparing to wrap sensitive routes in protective layers. I do not want to resort to the use of passwords, as they are insecure, preferring a passwordless authentication mechanism. I have already tested this separately from the and, I think, it will be a good solution.

If everything goes like clockwork, then in the summer I will actively use my own engine in order to identify unexpected bugs and introduce improvements that could improve the experience of use . The most important thing in this is that the engine is open and available for use and modification for everyone. I hope that its simplicity and minimalism will appeal to its future users, and potential developers will support my undertaking with useful patches.

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