Who uses the architecture of in their projects: can you name the fatal flaws of the approach and examples of projects where such an architecture is not applicable in favor of some other?

My experience with it was short-term and, for example, I think that MVC strongly interferes with the development of a service that, in addition to directly routing data queries to the DB and rendering their results, must do some other operations or mutations to the data.

I know that MVC has types for DB (models) and types for external requests (DTO). But the gap between them is so blurred that I regularly see business logic executed either on the frontend or on the base side. Worse, when there is chaos in the code in the form of reusing existing objects from both layers in some other channels, like WebSockets, GRPC, 3rd-party-API, etc.


What's more, I recently discovered that MVC IS A PATTERN in architectures, not the architecture itself. Which, maybe, puts everything in its place as to why many people misunderstand it and set themselves the landmines described above. But what do you think about it?

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