:ablobowo: Я перенес практически всю свою дискографию к себе на сайт (включая мешапы): toby3d.ru/music/

I started the new year by deleting my .

I didn't use it much anyway, but when I did go into it to post a status on page, I was always met with widgets screaming "BUY EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING", "BUY LIKES FOR YOUR PAGE", "BUILD BUSINESS WITH US" which cannot be turned off. And that's not to mention useless "storis," a trash feed, and thousands of non-consistent and constantly moving from place to place settings that you can get lost in.

🎉 It took me 5 years to earn my first $100 by music of dubious quality.
Thank you! ❤️


Listening to what I did in six years ago, I don't recognize myself. Now I probably can't even get close to the melody of that was then.


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